Collocations with take



Collocations with take


Check out these collocations with the verb ‘take’.


take a bath/shower

example:  I like to take showers in the mornings and baths in the evening.


take a bite

example: I took a bite of the sandwich when I noticed it has tomatoes which I’m allergic to.


take a break

example: I have been studying for five hours, I need to take a break.


take a bus

example: John takes the bus to get to school.


take a look

example: Take a look at this dress, I want to wear it to prom.


take a minute (ten minutes)

example: It will take ten minutes for me to get there.


take a nap

example:  I didn’t sleep very well last night, I need to take a nap.


take a photo

example: Can you take a photo of us?


take a phone call

example: Greg, I will take this phone call in my office.



take a raincheck

example: I can’t come to your party because I’m sick. Can I take a raincheck?


take a seat

example: Maggie take a seat and I’ll be right with you.


take a walk

example: The weather is great, we should take a walk.


take action

example: The city needs to take action and fight against crime.


take advantage

example: I take advantage of the fact that my friend works in a clothes boutique.


take care

example: Take care of yourself or you’ll get sick again.


take charge:

example: The deputy took charge in the case of the robbery.


take notes

example: Mary always takes notes during classes.


take one’s breath away

example: When I saw her, she took my breath away.


take responsibility

example: You need to take responsibility for your actions.


take the lead

example: Sue wanted to take the lead in this project to prove her skills.




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