Phrasal verbs with come



Phrasal verbs with come


Get to know these 10 popular phrasal verbs with ‘come’.


Come across
Meaning: to find something or to be perceived as, make a certain impression
Example: Jane came across an interesting job advertisement in the newspaper.
                   He comes across as a well-educated man.


Come along
Meaning: to progress
Example: The project is coming along good.

Come along (with)
Meaning: to accompany someone, a group of people
Example: Do you want to come along with us to the club?


Come around
Meaning: to change one’s mind
Example: I didn’t like the idea of going skiing this winter, but I came around when I heard that my crush is going.


Come by
Meaning: to pay a visit, see someone or to acquire something
Example: Come by my office and I’ll give you the documents.
                    John is unemployed so I have no idea how he came by all that money.


Come down on
Meaning: to scold
Example: My mom really came down on me when she found out that I broke her vase.


Come down with
Meaning:  to be sick
Example: I think I am coming down with the flu, I better go to bed.


Come out
Meaning: to be issued, to appear or be seen
Example: We should go to the cinema, new movies are coming out on Friday.
                   I love to watch the moon come out.


Come to (someone)
Meaning: recall, remember
Example: I completely forgot about my meeting with Greg. It only came to me when he called me.


Come up with
Meaning: to make up,
Example: We came up with a good idea for a gift for our mother’s birthday.



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