Collocations with make



Collocations with make


The verb ‘make’ is used for creating and producing things and refers to the result. Below you can learn the most common collocations with ‘make’ and read some examples.


Make a complaint

Example: I made a complaint to the manager about the poor service in the restaurant.


Make a cup of tea

Example: John always makes himself a cup of tea when he gets to work.


Make a decision

Example: It’s time for Sally to make a decision, that job position is not going to be open forever.


Make a difference

Example: Greg’s help really made a difference, we managed to finish an hour early.


Make a fortune

Example: Caroline made a fortune selling her handmade bracelets.


Make a joke

Example: Harold always make jokes, but no one finds them funny.


Make a mistake

Example: I made a mistake in my application form and I will have to fill it out again.


Make a phone call

Example: Kate had to make a phone call during her break.


Make a point

Example: Mark made some good points in his presentation, we should consider his project.


Make a promise

Example: I made a promise to my mother to always take care of my siblings.


Make a reservation

Example: Tom has made a reservation at his wife’s favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.


Make a sandwich

Example: My mom always makes me a sandwich to school.


Make a snack

Example: When I take a break from studying I make myself a snack.


Make an exception

Example: The college made an exception for Daniel and accepted him even though he missed the deadline for submitting papers.


Make breakfast/lunch/dinner

Example: Every Saturday I make breakfast for my fiancée.


Make friends

Example: It’s hard to make friends in a new school.


Make fun of someone

Example: My classmates made fun of me because I was the smallest in my class.


Make money

Example: Jennifer makes enough money to pay her rent and bills.


Make plans

Example: Lee doesn’t like to make plans, he prefers to live spontaneously.


Make progress

Example: I can see my daughter is making progress in math, even though it’s her least favorite subject.


Make sure

Example: I visited my best friend to make sure she was feeling ok, after her boyfriend broke up with her.


Make up

Example:  My brothers fight a lot, but the always make up in the end.


Make up your mind

Example: I can’t make up my mind, I don’t know if I want to buy a new bag or a new pair of shoes.





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