Collocations with do

The verb ‘do’ is used with actions, repetitive tasks and obligations. Below you can learn the most common collocations with do and read some examples.

Do homework

Example: John does his homework right after he comes back from school.

Do work

Example: You should do the work you were assigned.

Do business

Example: My company does business with over 20 foreign clients.

Do a report

Example: Jane does a daily report at work.

Do the laundry

Example: Jeff still does the laundry at his parent’s house even though he moved out six months ago.

Do the dishes

Example: I’ll do the dishes if you cook.

Do the housework

Example: I don’t like doing housework, I prefer working in the garden.

Do the shopping

Example: I asked John to do the shopping on his way home.

Do the cooking

Example: I always do the cooking in my family.

Do the washing up

Example: My son does the washing up on the weekend.

Do a good job

Example: She did a good job planning the wedding.

Do your best

Example: Sue has done her best to make me feel welcome.

Do good

Example: I wanted to do some good so I joined a charity.

Do the right thing

Example: I wanted to do the right thing so I admitted to breaking the vase.

Do someone a favour

Example: Mary did me a favour by driving my children to school.

Do exercise

Example: The doctor told my father to exercise daily.

Do your hair/makeup/nails

Example: I don’t have the time to do my nails.


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