How to keep New Year’s resolutions?



How to keep New Year’s resolutions?


At the end of each year we promise ourselves that the New Year will be different and that we’re going to keep the resolutions we make. Unfortunately it usually goes the same way – we set vague impossible to reach goals and expect to devote a lot of time to make them happen. Soon our enthusiasm dies out or it turns out that we don’t have that much time to spare. So what can you do this year to break this discouraging habit of resolutions failure? Find out below.


The key to success when planning to reach a goal is knowing your resources. Think about how much time you can devote to the new task in your busiest week? Let’s say you want to learn a new language or defrost one you used to know. You’re probably not going to be able to fit an hour a day from the 1st of January and when you miss a couple of days you’re going to feel discouraged and quit. In order not to go down that path make it more realistic. How about an hour twice a week? Sounds more doable.


Another resource to think about is the money you can spend on your goal. Every budget and even no budget at all gives you some options. When it comes to language learning you can enroll in a language school (the payment will make you more obliged to keep the goal), hire a personal tutor, buy a book or an online course, or use free online resources, podcasts, audiobooks. You can see that money is not a limiting resource, it’s a matter of choice which option is the best for you.


Make your goal possible to reach by planning it out and incorporating it into your schedule. If you use a calendar fit your new goal into the schedule. This will make it easy to keep, because you will not plan anything else at the time. You can also set up a reminder. If you have a busy week plan the task related to your goal at a time and on a day which will guarantee the biggest chance for success.


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