Language learning with Netflix: discover the new extension for Google Chrome

Language Learning with Netflix (LLN), is a new extension for Google Chrome that will make your learning process more effective and fun, allowing you to improve your language skills by simply watching movies and TV series in the language you are studying.


LLN (Language Learning with Netflix): what it is and how it works


LLN (Language Learning with Netflix) – link – is a new extension for Google Chrome (completely free) designed to facilitate the study of languages by watching movies and TV series directly from your PC.


By installing the LLN extension in Chrome, the browser will get new useful features for studying languages.


Here’s what you need to do:

Make sure you are connected to your Netflix account.

Install the extension in Google Chrome, you can download it at this address.

Check that the “Language Learning with Netflix” icon appears at the top right of the navigation bar.

Click on the icon to view the catalog of films and TV series recommended for learning languages.

Choose the movie or TV series you like best and click on “Watch on Netflix”.

At this point you will be redirected to the selected movie or TV series.


Thanks to the extension you can:

Listen to the dialogues sentence by sentence at your own pace.

Read the subtitles simultaneously with their translation.

Select your learning level.

Choose the number of words to learn.

Highlight the most important words to learn according to your level.

Select a specific word to hear its pronunciation or use a pop-up dictionary to get the translation.


For the beginner level, try setting the drop-down menu to 300-800 words.

For intermediate level, try 1500-2500 words.

If you realize you know all the words shown in bold, you’re ready to level up.


Our advice

Here are some tips for learning languages with Netflix using LLN (Language Learning with Netflix):

Listen to the audio a couple of times without looking at the text.

Listen carefully to the sound of each word and try to figure out the meaning.

Listen to the audio again while  reading the text in the original language. At this point, refer to the translation to understand the full meaning of the message.

Finally, listen to the audio again and if necessary, check the words you don’t know in the available pop-up dictionary.



The best way to learn a language is to spend at least an hour of your time studying.

You can choose to learn by yourself or by taking a language course in your city or to study abroad.

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