Language learning burn out and how to deal with it

Just knowing that you’re going through a language learning burn out is a great place to start dealing with it. You can encounter this feeling when you learn intensively and often. What is language learning burn out? It can manifest itself in reluctance to learning, loss of motivation, and questioning the benefits of learning languages.


Do not give up! Do not throw your hard work away. Learn a few ways that can help you cope with language learning burnout.


Take a break to fight language learning burn out

You can be exposed to language learning burn out most often when you study too much and too often. On the other hand, this is the case when language learning is motivated by something important, for example work. In this situation, remember to make breaks. Even taking a week without learning a language. Perhaps you will get back to studying with an even greater enthusiasm and determination.


Change the learning method

If you learn traditionally using a book course, maybe repeating the same pattern has discouraged you. Try other learning methods. Listen to podcasts, watch TV series, read news, sing songs. Just look for variety and try new things.


Change the learning process

Also think about how you learn. Do you come back home after a long day at school or at work and sit down to learn a language? That’s setting yourself up for failure. On hard days, forget about learning. And on the other days? Try shorter lessons, but in the morning, learn on the weekends and only repeat during the week. You can also try something new and go to a language course abroad! You will change the environment and revive your learning process. Check language courses here.


Check why you are learning

Remind yourself what prompted you to learn a foreign language in the first place. Is this still valid? Maybe you have a different motivation now? Don’t forget why you started learning the language, it’s the best remedy for language learning burn out. You can also write down your motivation in your language learning notebook, to remind yourself every time you learn.



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