20 popular phrasal verbs



20 popular phrasal verbs


Break up

Meaning: to end a relationship

Example: John and Mary broke up after 7 months of dating.


Bring up

Meaning: to mention something

Example: Remember, don’t bring up Mary’s breakup when you talk to her.


Carry on

Meaning: to continue doing what you have been doing

Example: Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Carry on with your speech.


Carry out

Meaning: to perform a task or assignment

Example: I couldn’t carry out my plan for the month.


Come across

Meaning: to seem or appear to have a specific quality, to make a certain impression on someone

Example: John comes across as a very positive person.


Find out

Meaning: to learn of or discover facts/information about something or someone

Example: I wanted to find out where Helena was from, I couldn’t tell by her accent.


Get along

Meaning: to have a friendly relationship with someone

Example: Alice and Sue get along very well, they never fight.


Get over

Meaning: to recover from a difficult or upsetting experience

Example: John can’t get over his breakup with Mary, it’s all he can think about.


Give up

Meaning: to stop trying to do something due to a lack of success

Example: Joan and Peter didn’t give up, they are still trying to have a baby.


Go on

Meaning: to continue

Example: The teacher waited for the students to quiet down before he went on with the lecture.


Look after

Meaning: to take care of someone, attend to

Example: Tom’s parents look after his kids when he has to work on the weekends.


Look forward to

Meaning: to anticipate something

Example: I’m looking forward to meeting my brother’s new girlfriend.


Look up

Meaning: to search for information

Example: My professor uses such difficult language that I have to look words up in a dictionary.


Put off

Meaning: postpone

Example: He had to put off the meeting because he was very busy.


Put up with

Meaning: to endure or tolerate

Example: I can’t put up with your behavior anymore.


Take over

Meaning: to assume control over something

Example: Mrs. Jones, the math teacher, is taking a maternity leave and Mrs. Green will be taking over.


Take up

Meaning: to develop an interest in something

Example: Greg took up hiking, because he wanted to spend more time outdoors.


Try on

Meaning: to put on an item of clothing in order to see if it fits

Example: These shoes look amazing, I want to try them on.


Turn out

Meaning: to end up, result

Example: The cake turned out to be very good, although Annie had a problem making it.


Work out

Meaning: end happily

Example: I was worried about the play I directed, but it all worked out in the end.


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