10 idioms with food



10 idioms with food


Apple of someone’s eye

Meaning: someone or something that is adored by someone

Example: Zoe’s newborn daughter is the apple of her eye.


As busy as popcorn on a skillet

Meaning: very active

Example: John is as busy as popcorn on a skillet, he just can’t keep still.


As cool as a cucumber

Meaning: to be calm, relaxed, not stressed, anxious or nervous

Example: I was very nervous before the exam, but my best friend was as cool as a cucumber.


As easy as apple pie

Meaning: very easy

Example: Setting up the TV was as easy as apple pie.


Bad apple

Meaning: a bad person, someone with a bad influence

Example: John is the bad apple of his class.


Big cheese

Meaning: someone important, a leader in a group

Example: Who’s the big cheese in this company? I want to get a promotion.


Bring home the bacon

Meaning: to support your family financially, earn your family’s living

Example: In their family Tess brings home the bacon.


To butter someone up

Meaning: to praise or flatter someone in order to make them more willing or in hope of receiving a favor.

Example: He didn’t study so he tried buttering up the teacher to have a chance of passing the exam.


Couch potato

Meaning: someone who spends a lot of time sitting on a couch and watching TV

Example: I can’t get along with him, he’s a couch potato and I like to keep busy.


For peanuts

Meaning: for very little money

Example: She managed to buy a new dress for peanuts.


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