How to measure your progress in language learning

When learning a language, it’s easy to get lost between what you already know and what you still have to learn. Often it is difficult to determine your level of knowledge of a given language. That is why it is worth measuring your progress in language learning. How can you do that?



Planning is the first step in measuring your progress. Few people use planning when learning languages. It’s a pity, because planning cannot only help you determine the stage of learning you are at but also motivate you to learn regularly and allow for a thoughtful approach to learning a new language.

Where to start? Open your calendar (regular one, on your phone, on your computer) and plan the  days on which you will be learning a language and for how long (it can be an estimated time). It’s also a good idea to plan what you are going to be learning.

You can even start a language learning bullet journal.


Progress report

It’s worth to make a summary of all your acquired skills after each month of learning. You can keep a record of the language skills, grammar and vocabulary that you have already mastered (which is also useful for repetitions). You can also answer these questions:

Have I learnt everything that I planned for this month?

What obstacles have I encountered in my learning process? How can I overcome them?

Is my planning effective? Maybe I should make some changes?

Do I feel like my knowledge of the language has increased?

Add your own questions, which can help you follow your progress in language learning.


Language books with levels

Additionally, it’s a good idea to use books and learning materials, that have a certain level of language proficiency (CEFR). Based on the list of levels you will be able to easily determine which level to start with and which materials will be suitable for you. By completing the materials, you will be aware of what level you are on, as well as what level you want to achieve in the future.


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Now you know how to measure your progress in learning languages, so it’s time to start planning and learning. Good luck!

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