English words with a Guinness record

The history of Guinness records dates back to the 1950s, as the name implies, it’s connected with beer and it had its beginnings in a pub. The originator was the director of the famous brewery, in the beginning the book (then of numbers and facts) was to be a form of promotion. To this day it is published every year and is very popular. People fell in love with breaking records – how high is your country in the rankings of broken records?

Guinness records are awarded in various categories … also in a language category! Find out which English words broke a record.


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The word with the most meanings. There are as many as 430 of them and they are all listed in the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1989. We encourage you to check all of the meanings.



The two longest monosyllabic words, each of them has ten letters. Scraunched is the past form of a word meaning to make a crushing noise. Strengthed is an archaic word and derives from the word strength.



The longest word consisting only of vowels and six of them at that. Euouae is a mnemonic informing about the sequence of tones in a specific fragment of Gloria Patri.



The longest word with only one vowel. It’s the opposite of weaknesses and consists of 9 letters.



The longest word in which letters appear in alphabetical order and is made up of eight letters. This means a genus of plants of the grass family, occurring in Asia and Europe.



The longest word (with nine letters) in which letters appear in reverse alphabetical order. And means to feed with a spoon.



The longest word, with sixteen letters, in which each letter occurs at least twice. It means the lack of prosperity.



The longest word, consisting of 27 letters, in which consonants and vowels occur alternately. It means a state in which it is possible to achieve honor.



The longest word (fifteen letters) in which each letter occurs only once. It means something that cannot be protected by copyright.


Source: Guinness World Records


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