FCE – First Certificate in English



FCE – First Certificate in English


What is it?

Passing the FCE exam confirms the knowledge of English at a higher intermediate level. This means that you are able to use the language in speech and writing in everyday life, at work and in education. Passing this exam may help you get the job of your dreams or get into college of your choice. FCE is accepted in most institutions in the world. The exam is available in paper and digital form. The exam is paid, the price depends on the choice of the examination center.


For whom?

This is an exam for you if you want to credibly prove your English skills and take up a job in an international environment. The obtained certificate will enable studying English at a basic level or live independently in an English-speaking country and easily communicate with its inhabitants.


What does it entail?

The exam consists of 5 parts – reading, writing, use of English, listening and speaking. Each part of the examination makes up for 20% of the overall score. Reading takes one hour and is designed to test how you understand different types of text e.g. fiction or articles from newspapers. Writing takes an hour and 20 minutes and requires writing two texts, e.g. a letter, short story or review. Use of English takes 45 minutes and verifies the ability of correct application of tenses, words, idioms, etc. Listening takes 40 minutes and confirms the ability of listening comprehension, based on different audio materials such as interviews or speeches. Speaking takes 14 minutes and tests your skills to effectively communicate face to face. Speaking is carried out in the presence of two other students and two examiners.


You can find learning resources and exemplary exams here.



Source: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/pl/exams-and-qualifications/first/


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