5 reasons to learn Danish

Danish – which is called dansk – is a North Germanic language and has official status in Denmark. It is spoken by around six million people and has a lot in common with languages like Swedish or Norwegian.

5 reasons to learn Danish

1) Every country has also a culinary aspect.

Scandinavian countries have their own cuisine which is special and which doesn’t have a lot in common with the English one. So if you want to enjoy the right meals in a Danish restaurant, it could be helpful to be able to read (and to understand) the menu. With Danish skills you won’t have an unpleasant surprise and you can enjoy the cuisine of a small and wonderful country.

2) As an English native it is easier to learn Danish.

Danish and English are very similar and it is much easier for you to learn Danish when your mother tongue is English. In addition, Danish is very similar to Swedish and Norwegian and when you are able to speak one of these languages, it will be easier for you to understand also the other ones. So kill two (or three) birds with one stone!

3) You can read books and watch films or series in the original version.

One of the most famous authors is Jussi Adler Olsen who writes crime novels. But there are only a few people who read his books in Danish. But if you have learnt the language, you could also enjoy his stories in the original version. In this way you get a feeling about Danish ways of thinking and get also in touch with specific expressions.

4) You can enjoy the best soft ice cream all over the world.

All Danish learners want to visit Denmark, too. And during your trip you will have a lot of opportunities to taste the best soft ice cream. Try it with nuts, chocolate or just pure. It is always delicious and we are sure, you will love it!

5) Learning a new language means a lot of fun.

It doesn’t matter which language do you learn, but it is sure that you always have a lot of fun. With a new language you will get in touch with people who are native speakers or who (like you) learn also this language. Moreover, one of the best ways to get in touch with different nations, traditions and cultures is to learn a new language. So what are you waiting for?

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