Business English – general vocabulary and expressions



Business English – general vocabulary and expressions


Business English is a form of the English language typically used in business, international trade, finance, in corporations and offices all around the world. It can come in handy if you work at a company doing international business and working with foreign clients. It can be used in negotiations, meetings, presentations, business reports etc. Business English focuses mainly on specific vocabulary. Below you will learn general vocabulary and expressions in business English.


Being decisive – to be influential, conclusive, have the ability to make decisions

Being competent – capable, having sufficient knowledge to do something like a certain task

To set an objective – to appoint a goal or choose  a specific aim

To attain an objective – to achieve a goal

To develop strategies – to elaborate or form a long-term plan

To motivate people – to give incentive to people, inspire them to work better

To supervise– to oversee the performance of employees

To measure performance – to determine or estimate results and outcomes

To allocate resources – to assign resources to various uses

Board of directors – a group of elected or appointed members, who together oversee the activity of a company and vote or decide on important issues

Chief executive officer / managing director – top executive who is responsible for overall performance and activities of a company

Executives – senior managers

Expertise – knowledge or special skills

To verify – to check or determine if something is correct

Trainee – someone who is undergoing training

To increase profits – generate greater income

Subordinate – someone of a lower rank, under someone’s authority

Immediate subordinate – someone directly under one’s authority

Superior – someone of a higher rank, with greater authority

To be in charge of – to be responsible for something

Salary – payment for professional work, or office work

Wage – payment, usually for manual work

Remuneration – payment such as salary, wages

Job security – the probability that one will keep their job

Achievement – accomplishment, something successful

To resign – quit, leave, step down

Expansion – development in the activities of a company

Recruitment – process of attraction and selection of candidates for certain positions

Application – usually a written request for a job

Candidate – a person applying for a position

References – giving testimony to someone’s capabilities and experience

Working hours – hours during which an office operates

Teamwork – the act of cooperating with other people on a project or a common purpose

Accounting – book keeping, preparing reports on finances of a company

Subcontractor – a company, which performs work as a part of a bigger project

Outsourcing – ordering work to be performed by another company

Effective – bringing in desired results

Target customers – a group of people at whom your product is aimed

Audit – financial examination of a company

Gross – total amount (i.e. without tax deduction)

Net – amount after all deductions are made


Feel free to print this vocabulary list, learn it and start using it at the office.


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