Phrasal verbs with DO and MAKE



Phrasal verbs with DO and MAKE




Do away with – to get rid of something or stop using something, put an end to something

This bleach will do away with any stains on white clothes.

I did away with my tablet to make more time for the family.

The death penalty has been done away with many years ago.


Do over – to do something again

Mary had to do the assignment over, because the teacher saw her copy it from a friend.


Do up – to fasten something or repair/improve

John did up his coat, as he felt it was getting cold.

The Whites have been doing up their summer cottage for three months.


Do without – to manage without something

Everyone in Amy’s class has a car, but she can do without it, she lives close by.


Do in – to kill, tire or exhaust

The thief threatened to do him in if he went to the police.

This fitness class has really done me in, I’m exhausted.




Make after – to chase someone or something

After I noticed a pickpocket stole my wallet, I quickly made after him.


Make away with – to steal something

Jack’s house was broken into, the robbers made away with a flat screen TV.


Make for – head in a certain direction

The students made for the exit once the bell rang.


Make off – to leave quickly, in order to escape or after doing something wrong

The children made off with the cookies when they heard their mom coming into the kitchen.


Make out – to understand something

It was so loud in the room that I couldn’t make out what he was saying.


Make up – to write or say something that is not true or invent something

His story about traveling to Spain is made up, he has never left the country.


Make up for – to compensate for something bad with something good

No amount of flowers will make up for what you did, you betrayed my trust.


Make up to – to do something good for someone who you have done something bad to in the past, or who you disappointed

Sorry I couldn’t come to your party, I will make it up to you.



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