5 challenges of dating a foreigner



5 challenges of dating a foreigner


Usually when you learn language and travel you surround yourself with people from other countries and your group of friends are from all over the world. Falling in love with someone from a foreign country may be a dream come true, but there are some challenges to face (and overcome!).



The language you speak can be a real challenge. In the best case scenario you both know some common language (like English) even if you have different mother tongues. If you don’t, communication can be tough, but love is a language on its own so somehow you manage. Even if you both speak a common language and use it to communicate with each other at some point you will also want to talk with each other’s friends and relatives. If you think you’ve found the one it is worth considering learning their language at least on a communicative level.


Living situation

If you live in the same country you are lucky. Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be very difficult. It can be hard to find time for each other if at least one of you has a busy schedule. Time difference can also make it difficult. The decision to choose where you want to live together can start a fight. Which country will you choose – your own, your partner’s or maybe a country which is foreign for both of you? Remember to be open and discuss the pros and cons of your living situation.


Cultural differences

Cultural differences will definitely be a challenge. You grew up in different countries and were brought up by families with different traditions and customs and possibly have different belief. It can be hard to build a life together if your views and general approach in life differs. Try to be upfront from the beginning and when things get serious talk about you needs and views on life.


Meeting the family

This can go wrong on more than one level. The language barrier may not be so easy for them to overcome as it was for you and your partner. You might end up translating for them all the time. Talking like that can be tiring for everyone. Your families can come from different social backgrounds and it can be hard for them to find a common ground and be comfortable with each other. Cultural differences can also be a problem here, even more than for you and your partner, as older people tend to stick to their traditions more and don’t wish to change or accustom. Try to find a common ground for both your families and warn them about the other’s traditions and preferences so no one will be offended.



Holidays are a time, which you spend with your family. Especially the ones related to religious celebration. It’s also an import time that you’d probably like to spend with your significant other. So where do you decide to spend your holidays? With your family, with your partner’s family, just the two of you or apart? You could spend one holiday with your family and the other with your partner’s family. Make small compromises so that both of you as well as your families can be happy.


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