False friends in Italian and German

In every language you could find false friends. A false friend are words which looks similar to another word, but which don’t have the same meaning. That means for you – as a language learner – that you have to learn these words and not to loose confidence. Be relaxed and attend a language course to discern false friends and to improve your language skills.

False friends in Italian and German

In German they are also known as “Falsche Freunde”, in Italian as “Falsi Amici”.

der Ast (= il ramo) – the branch
l’asta (= der Stab, die Stange) – the pole, the bar

der Quader (= il concio) – the ashlar
il quadro (= das Bild) – the painting

die Aggression (= l’aggressività) – the aggression
l’aggressione (= der Überfall) – the robbery

die Tube (= il tubetto) – the tube
il tubo (= das Rohr) – the pipe

orientalisch (= levantino) – Middle Eastern
orientale (= östlich) – eastern

der Humor (= il senso dell’umorismo) – the humour
l’umore (= die Laune, die Stimmung) – the mood

die Firma (= l’azienda) – the company, the firm
la firma (= die Unterschrift) – the signature

die Notiz (= l’appunto) – the note
la notizia (= die Nachricht, die Meldung) – the news

das Kasino (= il casinò) – the casino
il casino (= der Lärm, der Krach) – the noise

hospitieren (= fare uno stage) – to sit in on sb classes
ospitare (= beherbergen) – to accommodate sb, to house sb

der Chef (= il capo, il padrone) – the head, the boss, the manager
lo chef (= der Chefkoch) – the chief cook

die Limone (= la limetta) – the lime
il limone (= die Zitrone) – the lemon

die Bilanz (= il bilancio) – the end result, the final balance
la bilancia (= die Waage) – the scales

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