15 colourful idioms in English



15 colourful idioms in English


A horse of a different colour

Meaning: a situation that is different to what you first thought it was.

Example: I thought that she was his sister, but she turned out to be his girlfriend. That’s a horse of a different colour.


With flying colours

Meaning: with distinction, very successfully.

Example: Paul passed that test with flying colours.


Show true colours

Meaning: to show your true self or attitude.

Example: She really showed her true colours, when she started screaming at Stephen at the restaurant.


Black sheep

Meaning: the odd one out, someone who is considered a bad person in a group.

Example: Celia is the black sheep of the class. She tries to cheat on every test.


Catch someone red-handed

Meaning: to catch someone in the act of doing something that is wrong.

Example: Bob was trying to look through Erin’s phone, but she caught him red-handed.


Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Rarely, seldom.

Example:  Do you go out a lot? Once in a blue moon.


Out of the blue

Meaning: To occur unexpectedly.

Example: I haven’t seen her in years and last week I bumped into her out of the blue.


Have the blues

Meaning: feel sad or depressed.

Example: I always have the blues when summer ends.


In the dark

Meaning: to be unaware of something.

Example: I’m always in the dark about family plans. I hate that.


The green light

Meaning: permission.

Example: My boss gave be the green light to continue with the project.


Have a green thumb

Meaning: to be skilled in gardening.

Example: I wish I had a green thumb like my mom. Her garden looks beautiful.


Red eye

Meaning: a flight that takes off after midnight.

Example: Sue had to catch the red eye in order to be in San Francisco in the morning.


See red

Meaning: to be angry

Example: After my fight with Michael, I see red every time I run into him.


White lie

Meaning: a harmless lie, told to be polite or avoid hurting someone’s feeling.

Example: At times it’s better to tell a white lie rather than make someone sad.


Grey area

Meaning: when there is no obvious right or wrong.

Example: Downloading movies from the internet is still a grey area.

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