Learn English in England



Learn English in England


The English language can help you communicate, learn and boost your career. Where better to learn it than in the place it comes from – England.


Let’s start with a few reasons to learn English for some motivation…


  • English is a language which is universally used amongst foreign language speakers. When foreigners meet they usually speak English.
  • It is commonly spoken throughout the world as a mother tongue and as a second language.
  • English is the language of science and most scientific papers are written in English, no matter of the author’s nationality.
  • English is the language of the music and movie Industry, knowing it will help you better enjoy entertainment.
  • Access to knowledge: Most websites are in English, there are many books on any subject available in English, English newspapers and magazines can be bought almost everywhere in the world, you can also watch international news with full comprehension.
  • With the knowledge of English travelling will become easy and more enjoyable. You can easily communicate with people and understand announcements at airports and train stations.
  • Boost your career opportunities – international business is done in English.
  • English is easy! Simple alphabet, short words, the words don’t have many forms like in other languages.


Why is it a good idea to learn English in England?


  1. This is the place where the language originated from. England is the home of the English language.
  2. There is a variety of language schools and courses to choose from. Click here and choose the perfect school for you.
  3. England has a worldwide reputation for excellence in academia.
  4. You can choose a city to study in which suits your interests best. Be it a seaside resort, university town or the capital.
  5. Language certificates from England are globally respected and recognized.
  6. Explore a new culture and learn firsthand about England’s history, heritage and customs.
  7. You can go straight from learning to practicing the language with native speakers.
  8. People from all over the world come to learn English in England. Use the opportunity to start some international friendships.


Tips for learning English in England


Know your geography

Before you leave for your studies find out the differences between United Kingdom and Great Britain. UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Great Britain comprises of England, Wales and Scotland.


The accent

Give yourself time to get used to the accent, this may take a while. Listen carefully and if you still don’t understand ask politely for the person to repeat themselves. The northern accent may be more difficult for you.


It will not rain all the time

Many people associate UK with rain. And while there are a lot of rainy days in the UK it does not rain every day. So do bring other attire than raincoats and rain boots! It’s best to prepare for any kind of weather.


Make friends and spend time together

It will be easier for you to get to know England and the English language in its natural surrounding if you have some friends with you. Ask your classmates to join you for an afternoon in the park or a drink in the pub.



During your studies use the opportunity to travel around your host country. There is an abundance of new places to explore. You may not have realized but the United Kingdom has nice seaside resorts even with palm trees!


Remember differences between British and American English

Pants are undergarments and trousers are jeans etc. Chips are French fries and crisps are what you snack on. Then there’s sidewalk (pavement), elevator (lift), cookie (biscuit), trash/garbage can (dustbin), truck (lorry), post (mail).


Everything closes early

Be warned or find out the hard way. Shops close between 5 and 6 pm. And pubs usually close around 11 pm. There are places which close later but most close around these hours.


Policemen don’t carry firearms

Policemen, who are friendlily called Bobbies do not carry firearms, just batons. They also go by the motto “minimum force”.


Things to remember

Electricity is 220 volts and there are two different types of plugs, so bring adapters. The UK runs on a 24-hour clock, so 1 pm is 13.00. The cars drive on the other side of the road, so you need to look right first when you want to cross the road.


English breakfast

Beware of English breakfast, as it may not be what you are used to when it comes to breakfast. It can consist of coffee or tea, bacon, sausages, eggs and other less common breakfast foods like hash browns, fried mushrooms, potatoes, black pudding and baked beans.


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