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Language blogs


Language blogs give you the opportunity to benefit from other people’s experience and knowledge. Some focus on learning resources, explain idioms and grammar, present vocabulary and others take you through the journey of learning a language, where authors write about their experience. These blogs can be very inspirational and can keep you motivated. Here are some of our favorites…


Fluent in 3 months

Benny Lewis from Ireland, who is a fluent and confident speaker of seven languages, shares  his experiences of learning languages and travelling the world. He also shares his method of learning languages and a lot of useful tips.


Quero Aprender Alemão

This is a blog for Brazilians or the Portuguese learning German. It provides explanations to difficult grammatical issues and language tips.


Learn English Śpiewająco

This blog is run by an English teacher from Poland. She teaches language through song lyrics, which help pick up on words, phrases and grammar.



This is a blog which teaches speaking English in a more confident manner. It provides lessons of meaningful phrases including vocabulary and grammar, as opposed to learning unconnected lists of words that can be hard to remember.


The Polyglot Dream

Luca, who has reached fluency in four languages shares his experiences on language learning and proves that you don’t have to go abroad to learn a languages and that being an adult does not decrease your chances to do it.


The English Blog

The blog of an English teacher, Jeffrey Hill, presents internet resources, tips and trivia for English teachers and learners.


Lindsay Does Languages

It’s a fun and easy to read blog about anything related to languages.


El Blog para Aprender Español

A blog to learn Spanish with downloadable material including exercises and tips.


Deutsch lernen und studieren

This is a blog mainly about learning German to study and work in Germany.


English with a Twist

This blog is teaching English the fun way using cartoons and infographics as well as personal experiences.


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