What is holding you back from learning a language?


What is holding you back from learning a language?


Not having a plan

Planning will make your learning process much easier. Set goals for yourself. You can have weekly, monthly and yearly goals. They will enable you to see your progress or adjust you learning methods if needed. It’s best to write down your plan, even make it into a checklist for easy verification. Your weekly goal can involve covering a certain unit in a language book or listening to one chapter of an audiobook, monthly goals can involve learning a group of vocabulary or mastering a grammar rule, yearly goals can regard to reaching a certain level of a language.


No time

You may think you need a lot of time to learn languages or that you need to reserve time that you will dedicate only to learning languages. While that is a good idea and will certainly be very effective, nowadays we don’t have a lot of time, we live in a rush and it’s hard to put time aside for things that are not essential for our life. There are many ways you can fit language learning into your everyday schedule like learning on the go, listening to podcasts, learning during breaks.


Lack of motivation

There are so many things we have to do in our everyday life that when it comes to things we want to do for ourselves we lack the motivation for it. However if you think about this issue ahead you can easily deal with it. Remember the benefits that come from learning a language, don’t forget that you can make language learning fun and learn while watching movies or listening to music, learn with your friends and use that group motivation feeling and get inspired by other people who love languages.


Giving up when things get hard

Whenever things get a little hard we tend to give up easily and not come back to learning a language. Getting over the learning hump may seem like the hardest thing to do but with a little effort you can overcome it. The first thing you need to do is accept it, but don’t give up, take a break if you need to, even sleep on it. Think of why you’re going through a learning hump and what is causing you the problem.


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