10 commandments of successful language learning


10 commandments of successful language learning


 1.       Have the right approach

Be positive and stay motivated. Have a curiosity for learning languages and keep exploring.

2.       Learn a little bit everyday

Make an effort and find some time every day to learn languages. You can do it during a break at work or school, on commute, you can learn with your morning coffee. You can also subscribe to a word of the day and learn a new word every day.

3.       Practice pronunciation

Listen to people speak in the language you are learning, pay attention to your teacher, listen to foreign news and also practice saying the words out load.

4.       Talk with native speakers

If you don’t know any native speakers and can’t attend classes with one then look on the Internet for a service offering free video chats with native speakers.

5.       Get to know the country, culture and nation 

You will feel more connected to the language and engaged in the learning process if you learn some things about the country from which the language originates as well as the culture and nation.

 6.       Take a break if needed

If the process becomes overwhelming take a break. It can be a short walk, some exercises, but if you need to take a couple days off from learning.

7.       Combine books with fun activities

Learning from books alone can get boring after some time. Intersperse traditional learning with watching series, listening to music and reading novels in a foreign language.

8.       Don’t get discouraged by your mistakes

Don’t let mistakes get you down! Mistakes are good in a learning process, they help you learn better and faster. Don’t dwell on them but instead correct yourself and be proud you learned something.

9.       Have a language notebook

Carry a language notebook with you, write down new words and phrases as well as words that you would like to learn and check them in the dictionary at home.

10.   Set goals 

Plan your learning and what you want to achieve each week, month and year. That way you can check your progress and setting goals makes things easier to accomplish.

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