Make the most of language classes


Make the most of language classes


Make the most of your language classes and use your time spent in class efficiently. Here are a few things to focus on.


Pay attention

Be focused during the lesson. Actively listen to the teacher and participate in the class. Don’t let yourself be distracted by other people or your phone.


Ask questions

Ask relevant questions during the lesson. Whenever you are unsure about something ask the teacher. It’s your opportunity to make things clear for yourself and understand everything.


Write things down

Have a notebook and take notes during the lesson. You can use them later to revise. You can look back at what you wrote down a month later and remember important things from the lesson.


Do your homework

Doing homework is essential. You can check if you understood everything that was taught in class and if not then you can ask the teacher during the next lesson. It is also a revision of what you did in class and will help you remember new things.


Prepare for class

Be prepared for class. Bring your supplies – especially your notebook and books. Do your homework and revise the last topic. If you know what the topic of the next lesson is then research it and it will be easier for you to understand.



Revision is as important as doing your homework. You will make faster progress in language learning when you revise. You can make vocabulary flash cards at home, look through your book, read your notes.


Listen to the pronunciation

Listen to the teacher’s pronunciation so you can improve your own. You will have an opportunity to speak, don’t shy away from that and encourage being corrected.



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