Take notes and make learning easier


Take notes and make learning easier

Taking notes is an essential part of effective learning. If you’re not taking notes during class you are missing out on a lot. Notes will not only help you better understand the things you are writing down during class but will also help you remember them better later at home.


Be prepared

Preparation before class is important. Gather the materials that you need, like pens, pencils, highlighters, a notebook dedicated only to a certain class, a folder to organize your notes and handouts. If you know in advance what the class is going to be about also prepare by reading some information about it.


Take notes by yourself

There is always that one person in class who takes notes and is later asked by other students to make their notes available. However notes will be most beneficial if you do them yourself. You will understand them better and write them down in a way that is the most comprehensible to you. Find out what works best for you – writing things in bullet points, making illustrations – whatever is fine as long as it work for you!



In order to take good notes you need to focus on the class and actively listen to the teacher. You also need good judgement in order to choose the most important things to write down. Stay focus and don’t let yourself get distracted by other students and technology.  Remember you are doing this for yourself.


After class

Compare your notes with fellow students and fill in what you missed. Also revise your notes, you can do research on the internet and edit your notes. Keep your notes organized and in a dedicated folder. Remember to revise your notes before the next class. If after revising you are unsure of something you can always ask the teacher to explain it for you.





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