, Drama and Theatre • Leadership - Business Challenge, Model United Nations, Speech Making • Professional

LILA* Liverpool (Liverpool / England / England)

LILA* is a progressive language school located in the cosmopolitan city of Liverpool. By being a moderate-sized school we offer our students to study in great comfort and with a family feel. Our...

Leeds Language Academy (Leeds / England / England)

inspection. ISI Education Oversight Inspection paves the way for getting United Kingdom Visa and Immigration

New College Group - Manchester (Manchester / England / England)

strong relationship among students from all over the world for high quality teaching, state of the art

Brooklyn School of Languages (New York / New York / United States)

Being an independent, local language school, Brooklyn School of Languages provides students with an excellent customer service and a friendly learning environment. We focus on our students and...

New York Language Center - Jackson Heights, Queens (Jackson Heights / New York / United States)

certified by the New York State Education Department. For the period December 2014 through December 2018

New York Language Center - Midtown Manhattan (New York / New York / United States)

enroll non-immigrant (F1) students, and is certified by the New York State Education Department. New York

Wimbledon School of English (London / England / England)

Why Wimbledon School of English? We are the number one English language school in the UK based on British Council inspection results. We are the only school to have received strengths in all 15...

Aston Academy - previously MovingOn Courses (Belfast / Northern Ireland / Northern Ireland)

We do not offer a typical course or even an intensive course with a few extra hours per week. With these options you inevitably speak your native language in your free time. We offer TOTAL IMMERSION...

Wisconsin English Second Language Institute (WESLI ) (Madison / Wisconsin / United States)

in downtown Madison, Wisconsin – just across the street from the state capitol building. Madison, located