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25 de Mayo 457, 4th Floor , Buenos Aires (view map)
98% (7 reviews)

About Expanish Buenos Aires

Expanish is a Spanish language school located in the heart of Buenos Aires. We're offering one of the most innovative Spanish immersion programs in Latin America. Our exceptional approach to education combines Spanish language with a variety of cultural experiences which result in a unique educational program that fits to each student's needs. Expanish also provides extracurricular components, for example workshops like polo and tango classes, daily cultural activities and weekend excursions. Moreover, we offer local accomodation such as shared apartments and homestays. Expanish is taking the experience of learning Spanish and studying abroad to a whole new dimension.

Additional Services

  • Airport/Station transfer
  • Facilities for students with disabilities
  • Student counselling


  • Host family accommodation
  • Host family accommodation without students of same native language
  • Own apartment
  • In hotel/guesthouse
  • Shared Apartment
  • Student Residence

Work and Further Studies

  • Work experience / internship with local companies


  • Dancing
  • Film
  • Cooking
  • Cultural tourism (theater, museum, etc.)
  • Historical sightseeing
  • History
  • Volunteering
  • Local cultural events (festivals, etc.)


General Spanish

98% 7 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Class Sizes: Medium, 6-10 students

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk, Intensive 25+ hrs/wk

What to expect from all our general courses:
Maximum Exposure to Real Spanish, Small Teacher-Student Ratio, Development of the Four Key Language Skills (speaking,writing,reading and listening), Conversational development, Real-life Materials, Relaxed and Enjoyable Classroom Activities and a Solid Academic Framework.

20 hour intensive course:
Students who take our most popular Intensive Spanish course in Buenos Aires will develop their language skills in an interactive small group environment with an average class size of six students and a maximum of nine students. Small classes allow for personalized attention from the professor in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Students will be completely immersed in the Spanish language while participating in 20 hours of lessons per week. With sessions held either in the morning or the afternoon, our classes are engaging and interactive and are designed to help students develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Program: 20 hours per week
Start dates: Every Monday
Spanish level: From Beginner to Advanced
Duration: Minimum One Week
Maximum group size: 10
Average group size: 6
Schedule: 9am to 12:50pm or 2pm to 5:50pm

30 hour Intensive course:
The Intensive Spanish 30 Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the most intensive Spanish immersion course available at Expanish. In addition to regular group classes in the morning, this Spanish immersion course offers an additional two hours of extra group classes in the afternoon that focus on providing students with practical experience and a focus on writing and speaking in everyday situations.
The Intensive Spanish 30 class is a great option for students who want to:
Learn beyond the specific content of their level's curriculum and focus on real communication and situational context.
Get extra practice in the most important communication skills (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and speaking skills)
Meet other students of different nationalities while practicing the Spanish language through games and activities
Experience some of the more diverse socio-cultural aspects of Argentina.

Spanish Exam Preparation

0% 0 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Class Sizes: One-to-One

Weekly Hours: Relaxed 10-15 hrs/wk

The preparation course for the DELE exam consists of individual classes specifically designed to ensure the student develops the necessary competencies to pass their selected level of the exam (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Beginner students wanting to take the DELE course will need approximately 8 weeks of lessons before starting at DELE A1 level.

Start dates are every monday and the classes introduce a variety of activities to promote development of the four basic skills (writing, reading, conversation, and listening), all of which are necessary to successfully pass the DELE exam.

Students receive learning materials to specifically prepare them for the exam and will be coached in each area of the evaluation. At the end of the course, the student will be given a practice exam which will help them to integrate their acquired knowledge and skills and to practice as if they were in the "real" testing situation.

2015 DALE exam dates:
May 23rd
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2
Registration from February 16th to April 8th

July 17th
Levels: A2, B1, B2 y C1
Registration from February 16th to June 10th

October 16th
Levels: A2, B1 y B2
Registration from February 16th to September 9th

November 21st
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2
Registration from February 16th to October 14th

Business Spanish

0% 0 Reviews

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Class Sizes: One-to-One, Medium, 6-10 students

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk

Intensive Spanish 20 + 4 Business Spanish

In order to aid students within the business environment Expanish offers Business Spanish courses that are specifically designed for each student.
The course consists of 20 hours of regular group classes and 4 individual classes of business Spanish developed specifically for students seeking to advance their careers in any business environment where Spanish language is an important element. The combination of group and individual will allow students to improve their Spanish skills in the social environment of a group and then have two business Spanish classes to focus on Spanish for professional purposes.
Our Business Spanish Course in Argentina is based on the Spanish that is used everyday in a Spanish-speaking professional environment. Students will be presented the vocabulary and other language components specific to a formal business setting so that they can master the Spanish needed for real-life business situations.

Quick Facts:
Program: 24 hours per week (20 hours group + 4 hours business)
Start Dates: Every Monday
Spanish Level: A2 or higher
Duration: Minimum One Week
Group Schedule: 9am to 12:50pm or 2pm to 5:50pm
Individual Schedule: Two classes per week arranged according to availability


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7 Reviews

What students are saying

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Expanish Buenos Aires

United States   

studied General Spanish


I can't recommend Buenos Aires or Expanish enough to study spanish! I absolutely loved my time here! The teachers and staff are both amazing, and the school is located in the center of the city. There's always something to do and a lot to learn!

posted 5 years ago

Expanish Buenos Aires

United States   

studied General Spanish

Great expierence

I usually don't put 5/5 for reviews, but this was an amazing experience. The facilities are beautiful, very modern and clean which makes for a great atmosphere. The staff and professors are great! All very personable and fun to interact with! The activities are great too! They have activities planned for during the week like museums, fairs and fun night life things, as well as trips to other parts of Argentina! I would recommend this to everyone, no matter the spanish level!

posted 5 years ago

Expanish Buenos Aires


studied General Spanish

Great school in a great city

I spent a total of 9 weeks at Expanish, and I recommend it without hesitation. It's a very nice school with a friendly staff and high-quality courses. The atmosphere is very positive, so it's a great place to make friends. Additionally, the activities organized by Expanish (there are many, and almost all of them are free) are very entertaining, and you also learn a lot from them. Even after I left the school (but stayed in Buenos Aires), I was still very welcome to go there or even to participate in one of the activities.

Buenos Aires is an amazing city, and Expanish is a great choice if you're looking for a language school!

posted 2 years ago

Expanish Buenos Aires


studied General Spanish

Muchas gracias!!

Fui a Buenos Aires para estudar espanhol e tive a feliz oportunidade de estudar na escola Expanish e só tenho a agradecer toda a experiencia que tive, de uma escola se'ria e preocupada com a aprendizagem dos alunos. Todos os professores sao muito atenciosos e dedicados. Um obrigado especial para a professora Gabriela, pela paciencia e amabilidade e ao Gabriel pela atencao!! Recomendo a todos a escola Expanish!! Hasta luego!!

posted 3 years ago

Expanish Buenos Aires


studied General Spanish


English below

Después de 4 meses en Expanish puedo decir que disfruté cada día allá! La escuela tiene una ambiente muy buena para aprender por causa del personal muy amable y servicial con todo. La escuela está en el cuarto piso de un edificio muy lindo en el Microcentro y tiene aulas grandes y facilidades limpias y modernas.

Todos los profesores son excelentes y los hicieron divertido aprender el español. Además, tenía la oportunidad de la immersión en la cultura argentina y porteña, debido a las varias actividades que ofrecieron. Esto también me ayudó con mi nivel de español.

El alojamiento que Expanish me proveyó, es excelente. La anfitriona de la casa es muy agradable y me hace sentir como en casa en Buenos Aires.

Mi experiencia fue maravillosa y encontré gente increíble de todo el mundo. ¡Recomiendo Expanish a todos!

After 4 months of studying at Expanish, I can say that I have enjoyed every day of it! The school has a great atmosphere for learning, due to the friendly and very helpful staff. The school is on the 4th floor of a beautiful building in the Microcentro. The school itself is very inviting with large classrooms and clean and modern facilities.

All of the professors are great and made it fun learning Spanish! Not only did I learn Spanish in class, I also had the chance to immerse myself in Argentine and porteño culture through the various activities offered. This also helped to further my Spanish knowledge.

The accommodation the school provided me with is excellent. The host I live with is very warm and welcoming, and makes me feel at home in Buenos Aires.

My experience has been great, and I have met amazing people from all over the world. I would recommend Expanish to anyone! !

posted 3 years ago

Expanish Buenos Aires


studied General Spanish

A wonderful experience!

Thank you for everything Expanish! I´ve managed to ameliorate my spanish level, to be immersed in the porteños culture, to wander through the city with different insights every day, to meet wonderful people and all this is mostly due to the wonderful teachers and staff of the school, the cosy atmosphere which made me feel welcomed in this enormous city and the adapted program which made me reach a level of spanish which was beyond my expectations!

posted 3 years ago

Expanish Buenos Aires

United Kingdom   

studied General Spanish


I'm really enjoying my time here at Expanish. The school is lovely, big and clean and decorated in a really cool style, and the general atmosphere is relaxed but professional which I think is perfect for studying and meeting new people. All my classes so far have been engaging and varied, and the administrative staff and teachers have all been really warm and friendly. The school's also in a great location both in terms of getting there in the morning and exploring the city in the afternoon after class. Plus, the school offers a range of extracurricular activities from Tango classes to trips to UBA (University of BA) so there's always lots to do and great opportunities to put your Spanish to good use! I would recommend the school to anyone and everyone, regardless of your age or Spanish level. You won't just master the language, you'll learn a great deal about Castellano (Argentine specific Spanish) and Argentine culture. ¡Animate!

posted 3 years ago



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