How to use clustering

How to use clustering

Clustering is a learning technique which was developped by Gabriele Rico and which has a lot of similarities to MindMapping. Also in different language schools you will get in touch with learning techniques while learning a foreign language – be open and try them.

What is Clustering?

Clustering is a learning technique for persons who want to learn a foreign language without wasting time and who are a visual learning type. The learning method should help learners to have new and unusual ideas and to connect them in fresh new ways.

Because of collecting ideas in an unstructured way it is easier to change the point of view and to gain an overview of the learning topic.

How does Clustering work?

To use Clustering you need only a piece of paper and a pen. In the centre of the piece of paper your write the keyword which represents your learning topic. After that you take your time and write every word down which comes in your mind. Every new word is connected with the word before.

If you think of a new word which doesn’t have a connection with the word before, you could write in down and connect it with the keyword in the centre.

After that you could be creative and use colours and signs to organise your ideas.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Every learning technique has advantages and disadvantages and maybe this learning technique – Clustering – is not the right one for you. You have to try different to find the perfect one for you and your learning habits.


  • You could start now without wasting time.
  • It’s a good start to gain an overview of your learning topic.
  • Clustering is a good learning method for both: learning in groups or alone.


  • It could be a little bit unstructured.
  • You need some time to use Clustering.
  • You could fail to notice the main points.

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