5 tips to learn a foreign language – part 3

5 tips to learn a foreign language - part 3

Learning a language could be quite difficult. In the last weeks I wrote two articles about tips to learn a foreign language. Here you can read them:

But there’s more: You can learn a language in a lot of different ways and because of that here are the next five learning tips:

#1 Talk to native speakers!

There are a lot of possibilities to speak to native speakers. You could use Skype, Google Hangouts or also your smartphone.

Websites and apps, like Italki or Hellotalk, can help you to find the perfect language partner. For example you could help someone to learn your native language and in exchange he could help you to learn his native language. So it is always a win-win-situation for both.

#2 Watch YouTube videos!

There are a lot of YouTube videos in different languages. So you can choose the topic and the length of each video.

Sometimes there’s also the possibility to watch the videos with subtitles. That’s one of the best things because of that youTube videos can be used by beginners and also by advanced learners.

#3 Take the time you need!

It is not possible to learn a language in a few days. So you have to take the time you need to learn a foreign language. This could be only 10 minutes per day or also two hours per day. You have always the choice about setting your priorities and spend time with your favourite things.

#4 Use apps like Memrise, Babbel or Duolingo!

There are a lot of apps which can help you to learn a foreign language. You can use them at home but also in the bus, in the train or while drinking a cup of tea in your favourite bar. Check the apps out and find the best one for you.

#5 Know your goal(s)!

To learn a foreign language it is also important to know your goals. You should always have the answer for the question ” why?” in your mind. Only if you know the goals, you will get the motivation you need to reach them.

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