5 reasons to study in Spain

5 reasons to study in Spain


5 reasons to study in Spain


Whether you would like to study Spanish in Spain or just study abroad in Spain, this country has a lot to offer! Check out our favourite 5 reasons to study in Spain.


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Spanish is spoken by nearly 430 million people in 31 countries. Learning the language or just mastering the basics will give you an advantage in your professional and social life because you can encounter it in many places. The language is relatively not that hard and considered one the most beautiful languages in the world by many.


Climate and landscapes

Spain is located in southern Europe and has a diverse landscape. There are beautiful sandy beaches and high mountains. Spain also includes Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. There are four seasons in Spain and all are quite pleasant. The temperatures are never extremely cold or hot.



Are you one of the many fans of Spanish cuisine? Most probably! If so this is another great reason for you to study in Spain. All the different varieties of paellas, tortillas and gazpachos can make you fall in love with Spain even more. On top of that there may not be anything better than enjoying a nice plate of tapas and a glass of local wine (if you’re 18, of course!) after an adventurous day in this beautiful country.



There is so much to see in Spain! You have definitely heard about Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife and Ibiza, while these cities and islands are surely must-sees, there many many more beautiful and interesting places to see in Spain. Explore La Oliva on Fuertaventura, Adeje on Tenerife, Seville with three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many more magical places in Spain.


Cost of living

Compared to other countries in Europe the cost of living in Spain is quite affordable. This is an important factor when choosing a country to study abroad. If you plan your finances well you can save some money and spend it on travels.


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