Why everyone should study abroad



Why everyone should study abroad

You might say studying abroad is not for everyone. Personally I think you would be mistaken. Studying abroad has so many benefits that it’s an opportunity lost not to go. There are so many more benefits than just traveling to a foreign country and making new friends. So what’s holding you back from starting an adventure of a lifetime? Let me tell you why everyone should study abroad including you!


You should study abroad because:

The employment market is more and more globalized and you need to be a global citizen with experience abroad to excel in your career. This will show your employer that you are suitable for a position with international opportunities.

Travel makes you wiser and more aware of what’s going on in the world. Only when you travel abroad will you understand other cultures and different mindsets and learn to always have an open mind.

It’s the right time in your life to study abroad. When you grow up it gets harder and harder to plan crazy adventures. Experience this while you’re young and when you still have this opportunity.

It’s a good idea to experience education beyond your home country. Why? Because education, curriculum, teachers and the teacher’s approach differ all around the world and experiencing that will change your perspective on education and learning.

Getting out of you comfort zone and experiencing new things on your own will prepare you for adult life. Leaving your home, family and friends is a big challenge but life’s got bigger challenges lined up for you so this is a good chance to prepare yourself.

It will teach you to be organized. Preparing to study abroad requires dealing with deadlines, paper work, submitting documents and other things that you might not yet be used to, so this will teach you to manage your time and develop your organizational skills.

This can be the first step towards your independence. If you are still living with your parents or depend on them greatly this trip will show you that you are capable and ready to be more independent.

You can meet people and make connections which will be useful in your career. Knowing people from your field of work, who are based all around the world is a business opportunity. You can later share industry-specific knowledge and help each other out in searching for a job or pursuing a career in a different country.



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