Polyglot profile: Susanna Zaraysky



Polyglot profile: Susanna Zaraysky


Susanna Zaraysky has studied English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Ladino, Hebrew, Arabic, Hungarian and speaks eight of these languages. She was born in the former USSR and has traveled to more than 50 countries.

On her website https://createyourworldbook.com/ you will find out more about Create your World Books series, you can read interesting articles about language and the world in the blog section, read about and buy books written by Susanna Zaraysky, subscribe to the author’s podcasts and more.

Susanna Zaraysky is the author of two books – Language is Music and Travel Happy, Budget Low. The first one is also available in Spanish and Portuguese – El idioma es musica and Idioma e musica.

Language is Music offers over 100 low cost tips and online resources, which will enable you to learn language without spending a lot of money and from the comfort of your home. The book encourages to make language a part of your daily life.

Travel Happy, Budget Low is a source of information on how to economically travel around the world, eat inexpensive meals and how to find free or low budget accommodation. The book offers over 200 tips and 160 resources with insider information.

The Create Your World Book series aims to open people up to the world and other cultures, transform people into citizens of the whole world and not just their country, encourage people to feel confident as an international traveler and to teach people how to easily learn foreign languages while having fun.

Susanna Zaraysky is also a speaker and holds seminars. She spoke for TedX about the methods of saving endangered languages using music and how and why to learn modern foreign languages. At Google’s Endangered Languages Panel she spoke about using music and media to preserve endangered languages. She also had an opportunity to speak to teachers in different countries about using music in teaching languages.


Find out more about Susanna Zaraysky, her Create Your World Book series, her books, read her blog or watch her speeches visit https://createyourworldbook.com/


Source: https://createyourworldbook.com/


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