Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish

Are you a learner of Spanish? With the holiday of love coming up it’s a good idea to freshen up Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish. Along with French ,Spanish is one of the most romantic languages in the world. If you are not in a relationship go ahead and celebrate with your friends.


Fall in love with studying abroad and learn Spanish in Spain.


List of Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish


Día de San Valentín – Valentine’s Day

El catorce de febrero – the 14th of February

¡Feliz San Valentín! – Happy Valentine’s Day

El cupido – cupid

La flecha – arrow

Te amo – I love you

Mi amor – My love

El amor – love

Amar – to love

Estar enamorado/a de – to be in love with

Eres el amor de mi vida. – You are the love of my life.

Me gustas (mucho) – I like you (a lot)

Gustar – to like

Te quiero – I love you/I want you

Querer – to love/to want

Te adoro – I adore you

Adorar – to adore

Un admirador secreto/una admiradora secreta – a secret admirer (male/female)

El flechazo – love at first sight

Novia – girlfriend

Novio – boyfriend

Amigo – friend (male)

Amiga – friend (female)

Amistad – friendship

Una sonrisa – a smile

Una cita – a date

Una sorpresa – a surprise

El corazón – heart

Cariño – sweetheart

Querido/a – darling

Un beso –  a kiss

Bésame – kiss me

Un abrazo – a hug

Un regalo – a gift

Regular – to give gifts

Los chocolates – chocolates

Los dulces – sweets

Un caja de bombones – a box of chocolates

Un ramo de flores – a bouquet of flowers

Las rosas (rojas) – (red) roses

Un peluche –  a teddy bear

Una tarjeta – a card

Una carta de amor – a love letter

Las joyas – jewellery

Los globos – balloons

Romántico – romantic


Now you are ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spanish! ¡Feliz San Valentín!


How did you like our Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Spanish? Would you add anything to the list?

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