5 essential language learning tips that work



5 essential language learning tips that work


Use interesting and various resources

There’s always that one grammar book which gives you a headache. Forget about it and find books that you like and which interest you and most of all which explain grammar and language structures in manner that is clear for you. Keep things interesting and don’t learn only from books or don’t learn from books at all. There are many ways to learn a language. Try language exchange, podcasts, reading novels and listening to audiobooks.


Have a plan

If you are serious about learning languages find time for it and make it a part of your everyday schedule. Planning will make your learning process much easier. Set goals for yourself, but make them specific and achievable. They will enable you to see your progress or adjust you learning methods if needed. It’s best to write down your plan or even make it into a checklist for easy verification.


Make languages your passion

If you are passionate about languages surround yourself with them, don’t depend just on a weekly class. Listen to music in that language, subscribe to a foreign magazine, try reading a novel in the language you are learning. By incorporating things related with the language you are learning into your everyday life you can learn without even realizing it.


Select what you learn

If you are not a doctor or are not interested in anatomy then knowing every single body part or bone in the human body is not necessary. Focus on vocabulary that you will use and vocabulary topics which interest you. Of course do learn the basics, but don’t spend time and energy trying to remember difficult words, which you will never use.


Learn vocabulary in context

It’s much easier to learn vocabulary from one topic at a time. To make things even easier for you in the future learn vocabulary in context – make sentences with new words, learn collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms. Knowing what a word means doesn’t mean you will know how to use it properly or at all.


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