How to improve your writing skills

We already had an article about how to improve your listening skills (you can read it here), but also skills in writing are important to learn a foreign language. For nearly every language certificate you have to pass a part of the exam in writing or when you want to write a postcard, a short text or a long thesis in your learning language, you will need good writing skills.

How to improve your writing skills

#1 Write summaries about films, books, workshops

You can always write a summary about everything. Pay attention to the small things in life which can be an opportunity for you. So if you have watched a film, write about it. The same works with series, books or workshops. Write always a short summary about the things you did.

#2 Write mails and letters

Of course, mails are easier and faster, but also letters could be great possibility to improve your writing skills. Look for a penpal with whom you can write in your learning language. That helps because this is more informal than formal. So you can write about your day, your dreams or your new ideas about language learning. In addition, you can also improve your reading when you get an answer.

#3 Use social media

Also social media can help you to improve your writing skills: Look for different groups and start writing comments in your learning language. When you get an answer, write back and have a small written conversation in your learning language. In addition, there are a lot of groups about language learning. They help each other and you can get tips about learning in a more efficient way. But you can also ask for a quick explanation or if someone can correct your written text. But if you ask for help: Do it in your learning language!

#4 Write everything and everywhere

You always have things to write in your daily life. That could be a quick post-it or your shopping list. Change your habit and start writing these things in your learning language. Also small steps can help you to improve your writing skills. Moreover, it is helpful to have a small notebook in your bag. So you always have the possibility to write texts while waiting on the bus or sitting in a waiting room.

There are a lot of possibilities to improve your writing skills. Be creative and use the time you have!

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