Feeling at home while studying abroad

It is normal that you miss your friends and family at home while studying abroad. But you have possibilities to beat the homesickness. Use these tips to feel at home wherever you are.

5 tips to feel at home while studying abroad

1) Decorate your room!

It doesn’t matter where you are, but you will have a “home” where you live during your time abroad. Use photos, posters, lights and a lot more to decorate your room. In this way you can be close to your home country, your family and your friends.

2) Don’t live out of your suitcase!

If you always live out of your suitcase, you will always have the feeling that you are about to leave. But that’s not true. You live here and for that reason: Unpack your suitcase. Or do you live at home out of your suitcase? I don’t think so.

3) Create a home!

The first rule to have the possibility to feel at home is to create a home. Decorate your room, move furniture and create a place where you like to be. If you like reading, buy cushions, if you like drawing, create a good working atmosphere.

4) Buy a plant!

A plant in your room can change the world. With something green in your room you will be more motivated. If you don’t want to tend your new friend, the plant, you can also use a plant made out of plastic or you can buy some flowers.

5) Listen to music or audio books!

If you are homesick you could listen to music or audio books in your mother tongue. That helps to feel like being at home. You just have to try it!

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