Let’s do an autumn abroad

An autumn abroad could be the best thing since sliced bread. If you haven’t planned a trip until now you should do it in the next days. But why?

6 reasons for an autumn abroad

1) The weather is perfect.

In summer it is hot, in winter it’s cold. But in autumn it’s the best time to travel around. You have good temperatures, sunny weather, a beautiful play of colour and in the cities, you will meet natives and not only tourists who spend their summer holidays there.

2) You could improve your language skills.

Of course, while studying abroad you will improve your language skills. You attend a language course and you have the possibility to use the words and sentences you have learnt in your daily life.

3) You can have “me-time”.

An autumn abroad could help you to get in touch with yourself. You will learn more about your routines, your lifestyle and your desires what you would like to do the whole day.

4) You will meet new friends.

An autumn abroad is great to meet new friends. The language classes are smaller and everyone has the same reason to be there, so that it’s easier to get in touch with new persons. Maybe you will meet a good friend or your next love in your autumn abroad.

5) There’s a long list with language schools.

You will find language schools all over the world. So search for your favourite city on CourseFinders and check the different courses they offer. We are sure, there will be one which is perfect for you and your goals.

6) Your Instagram or Facebook feed will be amazing.

Autumn is also the time when everybody goes back to school, university or work. But you will travel around and could post all pictures (which are great) on Instagram and Facebook. So you could fill your feeds with pictures of your favourite shops, your language school and your new friends. And if you want: use #CourseFinders and let us now!

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