4 ways to improve your communication skills

There are a lot of possibilities to use a foreign language: writing, listening to it or speaking. For many learners, the speaking part is the most difficult one because surmounting and courage are necessary. But to improve your communication skills you can attend a language class in one of our schools worldwide or you can start with these tips to get a better speaker in your learning language.

4 ways to improve your communication skills

1) Learn sentences!

Sentences could be great to improve your communication skills. So if you learn a new word, think about it and try to find sentences which contain that word. If you have the sentence ready, your next conversation will be easier and in addition, you will get in touch with new words.

So if you want to start today: Write a list with sentences you need in your daily life and learn them as a sentence and not as many words.

2) Speak slower!

Maybe you know the words and sentences in your mother tongue and you know how to be eloquent. But in a foreign language it could be different. In particular if you are a beginner, you need time to think about words and the right order of them. To get a better speaker – as a beginner or an advanced learner – you should observe the following: Reduce your speech rates! That means in an easy way: Speak slower!

On the one hand you can think about your sentences, the right word order and the pronunciation, on the other hand it will be easier to understand.

3) Take your time!

It’s necessary to speak in a slower speech rate, but you could also take your time to think about the answer. You don’t have to answer as fast as possible. Sometimes it is good to think first.

To take your time in a conversation you have these possiblities:

A) Repeat the question again and use the time to think about your answer.
B) You can also use phrases which are very common. In English this would be for example: in the meantime, during the day / week / month, come on, …!

4) Practise your speaking skills!

The last important thing to improve your communication skills is to practise. You won’t get better if you don’t speak. So take your time, search a language partner in your home town or online and start speaking in your learning language. Only if you speak (including mistakes) you will get better.

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