7 ways to learn a language faster

It takes a lot of time to learn a foreign language. You need time to learn new words, to understand the grammar structures and to use these new things in conversations with native speakers. But learning a foreign language means also having fun! But there is always a possibility to improve your learning methods and to learn in a faster way.

7 ways to learn a language faster

#1 Use routines!

A routine could be for example: learning new words every day (maybe before breakfast) or reading a short text in your learning language. If you use different routines, you could automate your learning process. So start thinking about which learning part you could include in a routine and start today!

#2 Talk to natives!

You will learn a foreign language faster if you talk to natives. In the first weeks you won’t be able to say a lot in your foreign language, but that’s not important. Try to talk and to remember all the words you have learnt; after every conversation with a native you will know more words and more about the correct pronunciation. In addition, you could also meet a lot of persons who could become your friends!

#3 Keep your motivation!

During your learning process you will experience good and bad days, but it is always important to keep your motivation. Only with enough motivation you will make progress. So think about your goals and your why and keep your motivation by quotes or rewardings.

#4 Reward yourself!

You can keep your motivation by rewardings which could be made by others, but also by yourself. If you have reached a goal, reward yourself with a new book, a dinner in a restaurant or a good film. It’s your choice. Do the things you like and celebrate that you have managed it.

#5 Attend a language school!

Learning a language at a language school could help you to learn faster. You have a structure, much motivation and an organised teacher who supports you. In addition, you could always use the things you have learnt on the same day.

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#6 Use a plan!

If you want to learn a language faster, it is better to have a plan. You could organise your tasks, the topics and the time you have during a week. And the best thing is: You don’t have to think about waht to learn next because everything is in your plan.
You could use a plan for a week, but also for a months. It’s your choice. Try both and decide which one works better for you!

#7 Travel!

You will always learn a foreign language faster by travelling. You get in touch with the country, the culture, but also with natives. Plan your next trip and build up a relationship with the country and the natives.

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