Language learning resources for children



Language learning resources for children


So you’re learning foreign languages and you’re passionate about it? You want to share this passion with your kids? That’s a great idea! Introducing languages to children at a young age makes it easier for them to start and also later on when they are teenagers and will be learning languages in school.


Start with some online learning resources:


English For Children is a channel on YouTube with cartoon videos for children about learning English.


This British Council ‘Learn English Kids’ sections has it all – games, grammar, spelling, speaking, listening and watching. There is also a section for little kids – very young learners.


Teaching kids is a site ran by British Council and BBC with lots of resources you can use to introduce languages to your young ones. There are full lesson plans, songs and teaching tools.


The Language Arts Curriculum consists of 25 e-lessons in English. You can choose the grade that suits your child’s level. The resources include games and animations.


English Club offers resources including games and short stories.


Cambridge English has a site dedicated to activities for children. Your children can learn English through online games.


English for Children is a resource with a lot of short stories with both text and audio. The levels of difficulty vary, so you can choose the right one for your kids.


Things you can do by yourself


Make flashcards with your child

Prepare hard paper and cut out small squares (about 8 x 8 cm). Let your child decide what will be the topic for this group of flashcards. Numbers, animals, food, winter? Write the names on the flashcards and let your child do the drawings.


Learning house

Make post-its with names for items in your house or in your child’s room.


Read a story

Buy a children’s book in a foreign language and read it to your child. Explain the more difficult words. Teach your child new words using the pictures in the book.


Remember to be patient with your children and listen to them.


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