Make language learning your everyday experience



Make language learning your everyday experience


Usually we dedicate some time during the week to learning a language. That can involve attending a class or learning at home. You can incorporate language learning into your everyday to simplify the process and make quicker progress. Taking small steps can bring great results, therefore making even a small effort everyday can get you closer to your goal.


Start your day with languages

Watch and read foreign news with your morning coffee. It’s a perfect way to start your day with languages, while still keeping to your morning ritual.


Word of the day

Subscribe to a word of the day and learn a new word in the language you are learning every day.


Use your time during breaks

You probably have a few breaks during the day – at work or at school. You can use that time for learning languages. To make things easy learn using an app or online.


Learn on the go

 You can use the time spent during your trip to school, work or really anywhere else to learn languages. If you’re driving choose an audiobook.


Have a language notebook

Pick a small notebook that you will carry with you everywhere and write down the new things that you learn.  Sometimes you will hear a word during the day and realize that you’d like to know it in the language you are learning – jot it down and check later.

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