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Sobre Sevilla Language Center

Founded in 2016 by experienced foreign language teachers, Sevilla Language Center offers a customised learning experience for each and every student that comes here. Teachers meticulously prepare their classes based on the needs and interests of the individual students in the class. We use authentic, native materials in order to get you used to the language that you will see in print and hear on the streets. Furthermore, we take you out and about at least one day per week because, with a city as culturally rich as Seville, there is no shortage of fascinating places to visit while gaining practical knowledge of the Spanish language. Our location is right in the middle of it all, as there are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites within 500 meters of our front door!
We offer a wide range of outside activities such as cooking classes, flamenco dancing and guitar lessons. Moreover, because Seville is blessed with an incredible climate, you can enjoy outdoor activities most of the year, such as horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing, wakeboarding and kayaking, etc. Let us know and we'll be happy to set it up for you!
Our approach to accommodation differs from others in that each accommodation has its own price based on a variety of factors including its proximity to SLC, the level of luxury, etc. Tell us your dates and your priorities and we will send you some options from which to choose!
We are a new academy of experienced professionals who are dedicated to giving our clients the best experience possible. Come check us out!


  • Eventos social para universitários
  • Turismo cultural (teatro, museu etc.)
  • Escalada em rocha
  • História da Arte
  • Voluntariado
  • Música
  • Artes / Pintura
  • Fotografia
  • Dança
  • Teatro
  • História
  • Literatura
  • Caminhadas
  • Filme
  • Geografia
  • Eventos culturais locais (festivais etc.)
  • Arquitetura
  • Moda
  • Eventos esportivos profissionais
  • Culinária
  • Turismo histórico


  • Apartamento para dividir
  • Hotel/pensão
  • Apartamento próprio
  • Hospedagem em famílias sem alunos falantes do mesmo idioma nativo
  • Hospedagem em famílias

Serviços adicionais

  • Orientação sobre vistos
  • Instalações para estudantes com deficiências físicas
  • Esporte aquático

Trabalho e Estudos

  • Estudante com permissão para trabalhar / ganhar dinheiro durante o curso
  • Idioma e Au pair


Geral Espanhol

99% 4 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-100

Níveis: Avançado, Intermediário, Básico

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana, Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Tipo de local: Cidade

Engaging, practical, and dynamic activities using authentic, real-world materials grab your attention and hold it through your 20 hours of class per week in our Intensivo-20 course. We believe in learning by doing, rather than spending endless hours learning grammar rules. Come prepared to think, speak, and enjoy yourself as you learn how to communicate in Español.
One day each week you will go out into the city with your teacher to take advantage of the rich cultural offerings of Sevilla: anything from ancient Roman ruins in Italica, to the 14th century university building, to a modern art exhibit, a flamenco fashion show, or even a trip to the market. These excursions are chosen with your classmates and any that include an extra cost for the students must be approved by the entire class.
Our maximum class size is 8 students and our classrooms feature large tables and cushioned, comfortable chairs. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system was upgraded in 2016 to ensure your comfort.
Finally, but most importantly your teachers are professional, native Spanish instructors who love what they do and it shows.

Profissional Espanhol

0% 0 Avaliações

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 10-70

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana, Descontração 10-15 horas/semana, Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Níveis: Básico, Intermediário, Avançado

Tipo de local: Cidade

Tamanho da classe: Médio, 6-10 alunos, Aula particular, Grande, 11-20 alunos, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

At Sevilla Language Center, we have experience teaching business classes. Our methodology is well-suited to working around the demanding schedules of professionals. Instead of teaching students grammar theory and sending them exercises to do at home, we use authentic native materials like trade magazines, books, etc, so that students are genuinely interested in following up on their learning outside of the classroom.
Whether you would like to come and learn at our academy or have a teacher come to your business, you can be assured that your time and resources spent in learning Spanish with us will be a sound investment.

Cursos sob medida Espanhol

88% 1 Avaliação

Este curso é para estudantes de idade: 17-100

Tamanho da classe: Aula particular, Grande, 11-20 alunos, Médio, 6-10 alunos, Pequeno, 2-5 alunos

Níveis: Básico, Avançado, Intermediário

Horas Semanais: Intensivo masi de 25 horas/semana, Descontração 10-15 horas/semana, Geral 15-25 horas/semana

Tipo de local: Cidade

At Sevilla Language Center, our teachers prepare each class with the individual students in the class in mind. We do not have a set curriculum that repeats every X number of weeks throughout the year. Instead we select activities to meet the specific needs of the students in each group.
Therefore, if you are an individual or have a group that has specific needs, we are well-suited to provide you with just what you are looking for.
Send us a message and set up a time for a phone call or online chat.



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Sevilla Language Center

Estados Unidos   

estudado Geral Espanhol

Just a great experience

My teenage son and I participated in a one month course. We're US citizens but live full time in Japan. It was a wonderful experience. The location is great, the staff friendly, helpful, and fun to be around. Meeting other students from all over and all levels was great fun as well. We made many friends who we hope to meet up with again.
There were loads of activities, in the classroom and out in the surrounding area, to participate in to bring the study to a realistic situation, and to better enjoy our time in Sevilla.
My son is crazy about basketball, and people from the school even helped us to find tickets to a pro game there and to find a park to go and play at. That's real service.
I highly recommend the Sevilla Language Center - we learned a lot, enjoyed our time immensely, and made memories to last a lifetime there.
Thanks to David, Cristine, and Elena especially for the kindness and generosity. And thanks to everyone there and to the students we met for helping make this a useful learning experience.

publicado 7 anos atrás

Sevilla Language Center

Reino Unido   

estudado Geral Espanhol

Sara Ritchie

I spent a whole month at the Sevilla Language Centre in June 2017, after spending a month at a school in Salamanca in the north of Spain. I have also attended Spanish classes in London and other countries in Latin America, and in my experience this is by far the best Spanish language school I have ever been to. One of the main reasons for this is that Sevilla Language Centre does not rely on using a generic standard course book, but instead have developed their own much more interesting, engaging, relevant and topical course materials, which include watching films, videos, reading newspapers and magazines, and even learning songs in Spanish. This makes every day fun and interesting - not at all like school! Cristina who is head of Spanish is an incredibly experienced teacher, who has an amazing ability to adapt her teaching to each individual student, and constantly tries to ensure that students are learning fluency as much as grammar. After 1 month at the Sevilla Language Centre my fluency was 10 times better than after a month of just learning grammar in an award-winning school in Salamanca! Also if there are not too many students the teachers are also extremely flexible in trying to take the students on excursions, and during my stay we went shopping and made gazpacho in class in Spanish, and also visited art galleries in Spanish. One day when there were just 2 of us in class Cristina even arranged to take us on a day trip to Gibraltar! As well as these impromptu excursions during class time, the school also arranged for me to attend both weekly cooking classes in a nearby cooking school in Spanish, and also weekly flamenco guitar lessons in Spanish, which contributed to me having a really totally amazing experience. And on top of all this, the school arranged wonderful accommodation for me nearby with a lovely young Spanish couple, and the school itself is in a superb central location just by the Guadalquivir river in the centre of Sevilla, right next to lots of lovely restaurants, parks, flamenco buskers and tourist attractions. Thank you to everyone for one of the most amazing months of my life! I really hope to come back again some day (hopefully soon..) for more great Spanish!

publicado 7 anos atrás

Sevilla Language Center


estudado Geral Espanhol


Muchas Gracias to ALL the team at the Sevilla Language Center for a great intensive Spanish week. Cristina is an excellent Spanish teacher and gave my Spanish a good boost. All the team are really welcoming and looked after me well, despite me booking at the very last minute. The culture courses were very good value for money and the extra curriculum activities were also great fun. If I had more vacation, I would love to still be there. Hopefully soon again.
Top marks! Hasta luego!

publicado 7 anos atrás

Sevilla Language Center


estudado Geral Espanhol


Excellent location, knowledgeable and accommodating staff, enjoyable lessons. Rewarding, and highly recommended.

publicado 7 anos atrás

Sevilla Language Center


estudado Cursos sob medida Espanhol

We loved it.

Great experience and we got a ton out of it. The teachers and all the staff were helpful, great teachers and supportive. They went above and beyond in helping us get set up, finding things for the kids to do when we were in session and just being great resources as well. We are very glad we did it. Gracias amigos!

publicado 7 anos atrás



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