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F+U Academy of Languages Berlin

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À propos F+U Academy of Languages Berlin

Reasons for Choosing F+U

Central location by Potsdamer Platz and excellent public transportation connections (3 underground/rail stations all within a 3-minute walk). The Sony-Center, Brandenburg Gate, Government Quarter, Tiergarten, Checkpoint Charlie and two of Berlin’s largest and most popular shopping centres (Mall of Berlin, Shopping Arcades) are within walking distance. Light, pleasant classrooms in the historic Gründerzeit building of the F+U International Educational Campus. Barrier-free access, accessible toilets and a separate wheelchair lift provided. Several parking options available nearby.

Long-standing experience of language teaching, targeted examination preparation, corporate training, Erasmus+ programmes and the organisation of language tours; state-recognised vocational college for foreign languages in Heidelberg.

Wide-ranging educational competence
F+U runs a University of Applied Sciences for Business, Technology and Culture, an International University of Cooperative Education, a commercial college of further education, secondary schools (Gymnasium and Realschule) and several academies specialising in vocational and foreign language training.


  • Logement en familles d'accueil
  • Appartement partagé
  • Sur le campus
  • Résidence étudiante
  • En appartement propre


  • Visites de lieux historiques
  • Evènements sur le campus
  • Activités sociales pour étudiants universitaires
  • Activités culturelles locales (festivals, etc.)
  • Cinéma
  • Tourisme culturel (théâtre, musées, etc.)

Services supplémentaires

  • Transfert aéroport/gare
  • Orientation pour étudiants
  • Facilitation des démarches pour l'obtention d'un visa


Cours de Allemand général

60% 2 Commentaires

Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants, Petit, 2-5 étudiants, Particulier

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire supérieur, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Intensif (>25 h/semaine), Général (15-25 h/semaine)

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Individual Courses
Evening Courses
Intensive Courses

Cours de Allemand à des fins académiques

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Moyen, 6-10 étudiants

Niveaux: Intermédiaire supérieur, Avancé

Nombre d'heures hebdomadaires: Intensif (>25 h/semaine), Général (15-25 h/semaine)

Type de lieu: Ville moyenne/grande

Preparation for TestDaF



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F+U Academy of Languages Berlin


Etudié Allemand général

Berlin is better with this school

Berlin is my favorite city and one day I'd like to live and work there even if it's hard to learn German, thanks to this school my dream has become easier. My teachers Taregh and Franka were amazing, very skilled, available and funny, their way of teaching made me grow up. The school is in the centre of Berlin so that after school you could visit Berlin and have fun. I met a lot of fantastic people from all over the world, my best trip this summer!!

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F+U Academy of Languages Berlin


Etudié Allemand général

Affordable prices but not professional teaching

I took a test class in German at level B1. There was no level placement test. The class was with three or four students, although the room was quite spacious. The teacher look like someone who had just start teaching although he was in his late fifties. He was not aware of which exercises the students had to correct and the students had to explain him in which lesson they were. There was no planning or logical sequence in the lesson. He tried to be nice with the students but he got continuously lost during the lesson. I felt a bit bad for him. The academy offers the student used books but unfortunately the exercises are mostly resolved, so in a one-and-half hour class, our only activity was to correct exercises from a book with the exercises already resolved. Despite having affordable prices and a good location in downtown Berlin, I would advise to not look for a German course in this academy or at least inform yourself beforehand about the teacher.

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