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School Overview:

Little Mountain Learning Academy (LMLA) is the leading after-school ESL and academic enrichment academy in Vancouver. For over ten years, LMLA has been helping students achieve their academic goals. With the help of LMLA courses and teachers, English Language Learners transition into mainstream classes quickly and with greater ease. LMLA also helps students meet and exceed the rigorous demands of private school and university entrance.

LMLA's small class sizes create a focused learning environment in which students are offered personal attention. Our curriculum, across all levels and streams, has been designed in-house by trained educators and curriculum developers. This specialized curriculum, addresses the specific needs of students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Classroom Technology and Curriculum:

LMLA embraces technology across all stream programs. As a Smrt English partner, LMLA has developed the world's leading Smrt Kids and Smrt Youth curriculum, currently being utilized in the West Vancouver School District and globally.

Technology is also brought into the classrooms via the Design Cycle; through which, the students create innovative projects.

Educational Team:

LMLA's Academic Director, Mrs. Jacqueline Stewart, has a B.Ed in Secondary English and Moral Education. With over ten years of experience in the public education system, Mrs. Jacqueline Stewart leads an inspired and highly professional team of educators.

Little Mountain Learning Academy takes great pride in supporting highly qualified, and experienced teachers. Our dedicated teachers bring with them vast and varied knowledge and expertise. The teacher's individual passions for education brings much vibrancy and specialization to the classroom.


All new students will receive a detailed English assessment prior to program registration. Parents can expect to gain a better understanding of their child’s skill level in reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Parents will also learn if their child is meeting, or exceeding their current grade level. By the end of the assessment, our academic director will suggest which program is best suited to support your child’s social, personal, and academic goals.

Our Assessment Fee is $90 for our standard assessment and parent reporting session. Please allow up to 60 minutes for the standard assessment. For younger students, an age appropriate version of the assessment will be used and the fee is $40.

Assessment fees are fully refunded upon program registration.


Cours de Anglais général

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Particulier, Petit, 2-5 étudiants

ESL Program - Fish Stream Class

Our Fish Stream is designed for English Language Learners (ELL) / English as Second Language (ESL) students at the beginning stage of language acquisition. A strong focus is given to proficiency in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Students explore new vocabulary from a wide range of content-based readings and topics using the Smrt curriculum. The objective of the Fish stream is to help students transition out of ESL and meet placement test success.

Academic Enrichment Program - Deer Stream Class

Little Mountain Learning Academy’s High Achievers Program (Deer Stream) is designed for students to become more involved in project based and student driven learning. In the Deer Program, students become independent critical thinkers with a strong awareness of social justice and world issues. The Deer program is designed for students working at grade level and offers academic enrichment.

Academic Enrichment Program - Rooster Stream Class

Students in our Rooster program develop enhanced reading, writing, presentation, and research skills. Students also garner critical thinking and independent life-long learning skills. The outcome of study in this program is confident students who are well-equipped to succeed in any North American post-secondary academic program.

Cours de Anglais à des fins académiques

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Petit, 2-5 étudiants

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire

University Preparation Program (UP Program)
Little Mountain Learning Academy's University Prep Program (UP) has been designed to meet the needs of those students who wish to become familiar with the study methods, writing formats, reading skills, and overall skills necessary to meet success in university. This program is available for both ESL and Academic Enrichment levels.

Cours de Anglais d'été

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 16-70

Niveaux: Elémentaire, Intermédiaire, Avancé

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Petit, 2-5 étudiants

2016 Summer Intensive Program - July 4th ~ September 2nd

ESL & ESL Transition Intensive Program - Monday to Friday from 9AM to 4PM:
(Grade 3 and above ESL and ESL transition students)
This intensive is ideal for students who wish to transition out of ESL and will aid in ESL placement test success.
*Vocabulary and Grammar​: ​Students will work independently through age and level appropriate grammar and vocabulary programs with the aid of a facilitator. The facilitator will monitor the whole learning process and give a spelling test at the end.
*Reading Log​: ​Students will read level appropriate storybooks and complete reading logs and vocabulary building worksheets.
*Writing Skills​: ​Through a wide range of content based reading and topics using the Fish curriculum, students will improve their basic writing skills.
*Presentation​: ​Students will participate in a group presentation once a week to gain speaking fluency.

​​Phonics, Story Reading and Drama​​ - Monday to Friday from 1PM to 4PM:
(Grade 2 and below lower literacy level students)
This intensive is designed for early achievers who wants to master Phonics rules and start early reading.
*Phonics and Early Reading​: Students will learn and/or practice major phonics rules and read a variety of story books associated with the phonics conventions.
*Drama and Art Work​:​Young learners will showcase their skills through role plays, and puppet shows and will bring learned stories to life. Students will also make costumes and props for the plays.

Literacy Workshop - Monday to Friday from 1PM to 4PM:
(Grade 4 and below higher literacy level students)
This intensive is for young learners who start interacting with texts with greater engagement and independence.
*Smart Reader​: Students are introduced to a variety of text formats including short stories, fiction, non­fiction, poetry, and other media. Students will write book reports, make vocabulary lists, and complete comprehension quizzes.
*Creative Writer​:​Students will apply learned vocabulary to short sentences, full paragraphs, and comprehensive writing tasks to develop their writing skills within a context. Students will also discuss concepts to aid in the development of their own creative stories.
*Fun Storyteller​:​Young writers will present their creative stories to an audience, and will receive a published collection of student work to celebrate their success!

​​​English Language Arts Head Start -
Monday to Friday from 1PM to 4PM:
August 15th­ - September 2nd | 3 week program
(Grade 7 and above ESL transition and Non­-ESL students)
This Intensive is designed for students who need to get prepared for BC English Language Arts expectations the year ahead.
This intensive is perfect for:
*New students who are unfamiliar with the BC curriculum
*Students who have recently transitioned out of ESL or are hoping to during the school year

​​Debate & Writing - Monday to Friday from 1PM to 4PM:
(Grade 5 and above ESL transition and Non­ESL students)
This intensive is for high achievers who want to deliver successful speech and build up debate experience with well prepared writing skills.
Students will :
*Learn formal and informal debate and speech structures
*Learn the characteristic of a good stage voice
*Gain fluency and confidence
*Practice a multitude of writing formats
*Improve writing content, organization and style and language

Junior / Senior ​​Innovators Program -
Monday to Friday from 1PM to 4PM:
August 2nd - ­September 2nd
Little Mountain Learning Academy is proud to announce STEAM Summer Intensive offerings. The Junior and Senior Innovator Intensive is designed for students who are looking for opportunities to develop their science, technology, engineering, arts, and math skills. Using technologies like LittleBits, coding and robotics, students will utilize Little Mountain’s Design Cycle to create innovative products, and solutions. Students will expand their creative capacities, and their communication, collaboration, and design skills.

Programmes de Anglais juniors

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Ce cours s'adresse aux étudiants âgés: 13-70

Nombre d'étudiants par classe: Petit, 2-5 étudiants

Niveaux: Avancé, Intermédiaire, Elémentaire

Early Literacy Program - Butterfly Stream Class

Our Early Literacy Program focuses on literacy acquisition, growth and early development. The Butterfly stream motivates students in an engaging and task-based environment. Early learners gain strong confidence in phonics and progress toward independent reading and writing.

Academic Enrichment Program - Hare Stream Class

Our Hare stream has been designed for primary students who demonstrate proficiency in English communication and literacy skills. These students pursue extra academic activities to ensure they are constantly challenged and engaged in learning. In this stream, students become responsible and independent learners and hone their English skills.



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