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BridgeChile’s Spanish school is conveniently located just steps away from the busy, main avenue “Nueva Providencia".  Here you’ll find many sidewalk cafés and tons of shopping, as well as the subway station “Los Leones.” Our school is nestled between modern, high-rise buildings and quiet, tree-lined residential streets, which makes it the perfect place to study Spanish.

After class, be sure to check out the popular nightspot, Suecia, where Chileans and tourists alike come to wine, dine and dance the night away. With more than 50 nightclubs and restaurants in the area to choose from, it’s a great place to spend an evening among friends.

Our comfortable, modern facilities are the perfect place to improve your Spanish and relax between excursions and sight-seeing. You’ll feel at home in our spacious three-story school building which boasts 17 classrooms, all with WIFI, air conditioning and central heat.

Between classes, relax on our outdoor terrace or check your e-mail on our computers equipped with free Internet. Our friendly, bilingual staff is ready to help at any time during your stay in Santiago.

  • Football/Soccer
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Airport/Station transfer
  • Student counselling
  • Visa support
  • Host family accommodation
  • In hotel/guesthouse
  • Shared Apartment
  • Architecture
  • Dancing
  • Literature
  • Art history
  • Cooking
  • Hiking
  • History
  • Oenology / Enotourism
  • Local cultural events (festivals, etc.)
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United States   

studied General Spanish

Great environment and friendly staff

Bridge was a great school for learning and practicing spanish. I met alot of great friends while studying and also they set up some really fun outings every week. The teachers are great and they switch them around so you dont get used to just one sound of some one speaking. I give them all a thumbs up!

posted 4 years ago


United States   

studied General Spanish

Bridge Chile was Amazing!

I took three weeks of advanced Spanish and loved it! My three classmates and I watched a movie and used the movie to discuss culture, literature, history, and current events in Chile & Latin America. We also used the movie to focus on certain contextualized grammar reviews and to practice new vocabulary, expressions, slang, and dialectical variations. It was an awesome way to grow in my Spanish proficiency and worth every penny! My only suggestion is that the school should organize meet & greets or free outings for students so that we can get out of the classroom and socialize in the target language.

Bridge Chile was organized, attentive, and ran a very strong program. I HIGHLY recommend them!

posted 4 years ago



studied General Spanish

Chi le chi chi chi le le le viva chile ;)

Yo fui en chile 6 meses y nunca yo hable español antes
Yo tuve clases con diferente profesores y me alegra los clases porque pudemos hablar de muchas cosas de la vida
Muchas gracias a los profesores y a la direccion de bridge chile que me ayudaron mucho tiempo :)
Ahora tengo chile y bridge en mi corazon por la vida cachay
Los clases son buena y los teachers y la direccion son agradable
Estuviera feliz de ir a bridge durantes mis 6 meses y ahora yo puedo hablar como un chile cachay ?
Bridge es bacan para aprender el español
Muchas gracias

posted 4 years ago

This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students, Medium, 6-10 students, One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students
3 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students
0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic
Class Sizes: One-to-One

§  Live language classes delivered via Skype with a real Spanish
native teacher

§  From anywhere in the world, on your schedule

§  Simple, fun and effective

This innovative combination of live, online
classes and interactive activities makes for a dynamic and conversational
curriculum that brings the classroom to your home or office.

BridgeVirtual is intended to fulfill the
language training needs of the busy executive or student, who is unable to
sacrifice travel time in his or her schedule but needs valuable classroom time.
Students are able to create their own class schedule and customize their own
program based on their specific needs.

Please click to add a course description.
0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students


This program is
designed for students who wish to further their language skills in Spanish in
order to use Spanish in their professional activities. 


0 Reviews
This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students

Spanish and Culture

Chile’s rich history is, in part, due to its isolation and
remoteness as a country protected by the majestic Andes Mountains, as well as
the influences of Spanish colonists and Mapuche Indian traditions. This course
is perfect for those who want to discover the literature, history and language
of Chile.

This program includes:

Four hours of private lessons on the topic of your
choice—from Chilean history, to literature, to architecture

An excursion to introduce you to Chilean culture (options
include Museo Artes Visuales, Palacio Cousiño and Casa Colorada)

Spanish and Skiing

It’s not for nothing that Santiago is surrounded by
mountains! At only an hour and a half from Santiago’s bustling downtown, you’ll
find several world-class ski resorts. Not a professional skier? No problem,
this program includes lessons, so you’ll be skiing with the best of them in no

This program includes: 

A day trip to Valle Nevado, El Colorado or La Parva.

Ski-lift ticket and day pass for skiing.

Round-trip transportation from Santiago to ski resort.

Equipment rental (skis, boots & poles or snowboard
& boots).

Ski/snowboard lessons at El Colorado (minimum two persons).

Note: This program is available from June to September.


Spanish and Wine

Chile’s Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for
cultivating grapes and along with centuries of knowledge and technique, some of
the finest wines in the world come from Chile. Infuse your Spanish with the
true flavors of the country; learn the art of wine tasting and put your new
skills to use at a tour of one of Chile’s famous wineries.

This program includes:

A one-hour class on types of wine and the techniques of
wine tasting.

A guided excursion to Viña Cousiño Macul vineyard and




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