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About Ashland University - Center for English Studies

The Ashland Center for English Studies (​ACCESS) equips international professionals, undergraduate, and graduate students with the knowledge, skills and experiences in English needed to fully engage with the intellectual, professional and social communities on campus and in university classrooms and acquaint them with American people and culture through real-world experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.


General English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

The ACCESS Program Structure​​

Courses are combined skills: Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing

Each class meets for two hours each day, Monday-Friday.

Each term is seven weeks long, and there are six terms per year.​​​

​The ACCESS Course Structure

Level 1 – Basic proficiency in English--learning to write sentences, read simple prose, tell stories, listen and respond/listen and act

Level 2 – Low Intermediate proficiency--learning to write paragraphs, give personal presentations, read longer, simplified texts, engage in discussions, follow dialogues and narratives, take notes

Level 3 – Write sophisticated paragraphs and essays, read more extensive essays and process at the global level, begin simple debates, argumentation and discussion, give informative presentations, grasp low-level authentic lectures and take notes

Level 4 – Write academic essays addressing an issue, develop critical reading skills with sustained readings, make short, basic academic presentations, grasp higher-level semi-authentic lectures

Level 5 – Write a well-organized, well-supported multi-paragraph essay, read and discuss current news, develop skills with authentic academic texts, make fluent academic presentations, discuss lecture content in detail, comprehend semi-authentic academic lectures and take effective notes

Level 6 –​ Write a competent college level essay, negotiate academic texts, give sustained, college-level presentations, engage in group work and discussion, grasp and take effective notes on authentic Ashland University lecture



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