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Our Spanish school in Santiago de Cuba is an alternative setting: we do not have a central building. Instead, classes are held either in a cultural center, the teacher's home, or at the house of a host family. This guarantees you small learning groups in a comfortable, personalized environment.

Although the physical space for classes is less structured than other schools, you can still count on a highly organized program. The teachers are all qualified to teach Spanish with years of experience. All homes and Spanish classes are located in the "Reparto Sueño" neighborhood, a safe, hospitable area.

  • Host family accommodation
  • Dancing
  • Music

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This course is for students aged: 16-70
Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate
Class Sizes: Medium, 6-10 students, One-to-One
Weekly Hours: Relaxed 10-15 hrs/wk, General 15-25 hrs/wk, Intensive 25+ hrs/wk
The General Spanish course have different focuses and are divided into:

Intensive Group Course
Super Intensive Group Course
Private Spanish Lessons
Spanish + Cuban Dance
Spanish + Cuban Music

The classes themselves have a unique quality to them, as rather than bundling into a classroom in a dedicated school building, you will learn at either the home of your teacher or a host family. This makes the teaching style much more intimate and allows you to really get to grips with the language in a real setting, and helps to make this feel like a holiday rather than a study trip. The atmosphere is so charming, and you may find yourself falling in love with Santiago de Cuba before long.
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