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About La Aventura Española Kids

LAE Kids is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes as part of LAE Madrid, a beautiful Spanish Academy in the heart of Madrid. Natasha Mason, mum and long-time Spanish learner, started LAE Kids to make learning Spanish fun and effective for kids. With a young child, she wanted to find out as much as she could to help raise her child bilingual and find some extra support before starting school. There seemed to be few options in Madrid to choose from and nothing that just focused on teaching children Spanish, with the quality and accreditations that she was looking for.
After starting her own Spanish Academy, LAE Madrid, she met lots of families that wanted the same. They valued the care and attention of dynamic and personalized classes, with people that specialize in and are passionate about the learning methods of children. She began to work with child learning and psychology specialists and primary school teachers to discover a unique methodology and environment to inspire children to feel motivated and excited about learning Spanish. Before long, LAE Kids was welcoming children and families from all over the world.


General Spanish

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Spanish School Support
(From 10-16 y/o)

LAE Kids offers personalised Spanish classes for your child to learn Spanish in a dynamic and interactive way. We understand the educational and academic needs of our students and have worked with young people and teenagers from all over the world to offer additional support to complement their school curriculum.

Our School Support classes are one-to-one with a native teacher that focus on meeting your child’s objectives. If you need support for your child to pass official examinations, to reach the required level to be accepted into the school of your choice or simply to improve their Spanish level, LAE Kids is perfectly equipped to help.

Your child will be in a safe and secure environment – usually in one-to-one classes or groups, if appropriate (your child will not be with students over 16 years old); and with our exciting and proven methodology, they will be motivated and enthusiastic to learn with our Academy.

LAE Kids: experts in teaching children:
- Native Spanish-speaking teachers
- One-to-one attention for all students
- Our teachers are qualified to teach pre-school and school age children
- We assess every student’s profile to identify appropriate learning objectives and styles
- We focus on creating a comfortable and safe environment for your child to feel relaxed and able to express themselves
- Detailed individual reports on child’s activities provided daily and weekly to parents

Junior Spanish Programs

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This course is for students aged: 13-70

Bilingual Babies And Kids
(0-12 y/o)

LAE Kids teaches children from 0 years to listen, play and interact in Spanish. Your child is a sponge for knowledge and has is curious to learn and experience new things. If you would like to raise your child bilingual, LAE Kids offers the perfect foundation for you to achieve this.

Our teachers are specialists in early development and support your child’s physical, cognitive, and linguistic development in a fun and dynamic learning environment. Do you remember learning the grammar rules of your native language? Of course not! We teach Spanish as if it were your child’s first language, which means no textbooks and lots of games and educational but fun activities.

Your children will be able to gradually familiarise themselves with sentence structure, tenses and vocabulary by interacting, listening and seeing real-life situations.

All of our courses for babies and kids are tailored to their needs:

- We offer mom/dad and baby workshops, either as intensive sessions every day of the week, or consistent, long-term weekly sessions. See an example of our mom/dad baby workshops.
- We offer fun, dynamic one-to-one classes for your child to improve their Spanish. Baking a cake to learn instructions, buying fruit in an imaginary fruit shop to help with counting or visiting a child-friendly museum to teach science, history etc. With our native teachers are just some examples of how your child could learn Spanish with LAE Kids. See an example of a week’s classes with LAE Kids.



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