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About Worldwide School of English

Worldwide School of English offers English language education for adult students at a great location in central Auckland.
We offer 7 levels of General English. Our classes have a maximum of 15 students. We also offer Business English classes as well as Cambridge FCE/CAE, IELTS and TOEIC Exam Preparation classes.
Our facilities include computers with FREE Internet access as well as free WiFi throughout our building and a large Library/Self Access Area with self-study material, computers with LMS online study and 1000's of books and magazines.
We also have a student lounge with a cafe serving food and drink and an outside deck with chairs and tables and a table tennis table.
Native language counsellors, academic counselling/placement for further study and airport pick-up are all provided services.
We arrange Homestays with New Zealand families and all of our families are carefully inspected and selected and we also offer apartment accommodation at central city apartments.
A full range of daily after school activities, social events and weekend trips are also organised through our activity and social programme.
Worldwide is famous for its international mixture of students. We have many students from Europe, Latin America, Asia, The Middle East and French Polynesia. We have more than 30 different nationalities studying at Worldwide School every year.

Additional Services

  • Facilities for students with disabilities
  • Airport/Station transfer
  • Student counselling
  • Visa support


  • Rugby
  • Table tennis


  • Shared Apartment
  • Host family accommodation without students of same native language
  • In hotel/guesthouse
  • Student Residence

Work and Further Studies

  • Work experience / internship with local companies
  • Student legally permitted to work / earn money during course


  • Cultural tourism (theater, museum, etc.)


General English

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This course is for students aged: 18-100

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students, Medium, 6-10 students

Location Type: Town/City

Weekly Hours: General 15-25 hrs/wk, Intensive 25+ hrs/wk

Exams and Prep offered: IELTS, Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE, Cambridge CPE, TOEIC, Cambridge BEC

ALL COURSES: (Morning only, General and Intensive English)
Monday to Friday Morning: 9.00 am - 12.15 pm
9.00 am - 9.55 am
10.10 am - 11.05 am
11.20 am - 12.15 pm
Morning courses emphasise reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and a lot of communication practice.

Full-time Intensive English also
Monday to Thursday Afternoon: 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm
1.30 pm - 2.25 pm
2.35 pm - 3.30 pm
The afternoon Intensive English programme focuses on improving students listening skills and spoken fluency.

Friday afternoon options
1.30pm – 3.30pm (approx.)
Intensive (including academic) English course students can choose from: Special Class, Exam practice test, Movie or Activity option.
General English course students can choose from: Special Class, Movie or Activity option. (student visa attendance is only given for the Special class option)
Morning only students can only choose the Activity or Movie option.

Students can start on any Monday. We offer 7 General English levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency.
Students are tested and placed carefully into their correct level on their first day at school.
Students move up when they have passed the required skills tests. These tests are given on the first and third Wednesday of each month in two of the four skills: reading/speaking and writing/listening.
In addition, teachers do regular reviews of grammar and vocabulary in class.
At each level we teach essential grammar, vocabulary, functions and we improve students' writing and reading skills.
Students also receive a lot of listening and speaking practice and teachers encourage students to practise their speaking, give opinions and ask questions.
1 week is the minimum course length and 48 weeks is the maximum.

Full-time General English (20 hours per week)

Full-time General English course students join morning classes and also need to do 5 hours a week of monitored self-access in our school library.
The 2 hour Special Class option on a Friday afternoon can also be counted towards the student's weekly attendance.

English Exam Preparation

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This course is for students aged: 18-100

Weekly Hours: Intensive 25+ hrs/wk, General 15-25 hrs/wk

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Advanced, Intermediate, Basic, Upper Intermediate

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students

- English for University Direct Entry

English for University is a Direct Entry to any University in New Zealand special approved course. Administered by English New Zealand and approved by the NZ Universities - it allows students who have passed this course to be accepted directly into any NZ Unversity without taking any external exam (such as IELTS).


Our IELTS course is for students requiring an IELTS score of at least 5.0 and need to take the exam at the end of the course or are also planning to study with a pathway partner of Worldwide School. These classes start every Monday.

Classes run from Monday to Friday with a practice exam every Friday afternoon.

The IELTS exam is produced by the British Council, idp IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL and is available at least twice monthly in Auckland.

In 2020 the exam costs $395.
Textbooks. Class sets are provided free of charge for all IELTS students.

Structure –

The IELTS course at Worldwide School is offered in 12 week cycles and it is strongly recommended that students enrol for the full 12 weeks but the minimum booking period is 4 weeks.

This course is at the same tuition rate as General English classes.

IELTS courses run with a maximum of 18 students in the class.

Our IELTS course runs from Monday to Friday; students are also expected to sign up for practice tests on a Friday afternoon.

Aims -

The IELTS course has 5 main aims:

* to give students a thorough overview of the IELTS exam format

* to give students opportunities to practise IELTS tasks and example questions

* to improve students’ overall proficiency by developing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills

* to build students’ knowledge of vocabulary specific to the IELTS exam

* to review the grammar necessary for students to perform well in IELTS

Offshore pretests are available for you to use.


Worldwide School offers TOEIC preparation classes as an afternoon option.
All TOEIC students must book Full-time Intensive English. This class is open to intermediate to advanced level students.

We have a pretest available if students would like to know their level or suitability for this programme before arriving in New Zealand.
The TOEIC exam is produced by ETS and is available monthly in Auckland at a cost of NZ$250.00.
The school Library has a lot of TOEIC practice materials so students who are taking the test are encouraged to study by themselves outside of class times as well.
Full TOEIC practice tests are offered on Friday afternoons, free of charge.

TOEIC Dates for 2020

(dependent on student numbers)

3 courses per year, multiple exam dates available

10 February - 13 March

11 May - 12 June

7 September - 9 October

Our building 80 Anzac Ave is a TOEIC test venue run in co-operation with Crown Institute


Test, score report, certificate and OLPC
Postage (within New Zealand)
Postage (outside New Zealand)

- Cambridge English Exam Preparation Classes

We prepare students to take the internationally recognised University of Cambridge ESOL exams.

We run Cambridge First (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced (CAE) classes at set times during the year. They are available three times in 2020. A Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) class is not usually run and is also not available for the summer course (exam in March).
Students wishing to take the CPE exam have the option of joining the CAE class in the morning and receiving one-to-one assistance in the Library in the afternoon if CPE numbers are insufficient (minimum 6) to run a class.

Students are also required to have an Advanced English dictionary.

Fees in 2020

Cambridge 10 week classes
$4550 (incl. exam fee and books)
Cambridge 11 week classes
$4955 (incl. exam fee and books)
Cambridge 12 week classes
$5360 (incl. exam fee and books)

Your margin (commission) is paid on this total amount.

Offshore pretests are available for you.

Current General English or Combo students not booked for FCE/CAE are able to transfer if they pass the pretest and pay NZ$360 for the exam and

Dates for 2020

10-week Summer classes
at Worldwide School:
6 January - 13 March
FCE Exam: 13 March
CAE Exam: 14 March

11-week Autumn classes
at Worldwide School:
23 March - 5 June
FCE Exam: 9 June
CAE Exam: 10 June

12-week Spring classes
at Worldwide School:
7 September - 27 November
FCE Exam: 1 December
CAE Exam: 2 December

Business English

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This course is for students aged: 18-100

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Advanced, Intermediate

Weekly Hours: Relaxed 10-15 hrs/wk

- Business English and Business English Certificate (BEC) exam preparation

Worldwide School offers Business English classes as an afternoon option.
All Business English students must book Intensive English. The fees are the same as full-time Intensive English.
If students wish to take the BEC exam, they must sign up for the entire 10 weeks as well as be prepared to do extra self-study and exam practice in the library.

Our Business English course follows the BEC Vantage curriculum. However, BEC exam preparation takes place outside of classroom hours.

Subjects that the class covers include writing business emails, business meetings, presentations, job applications, using the telephone, marketing, negotiations and environmental/social responsibility and a lot of business vocabulary. Speaking is an important part of the class. Students will learn how to introduce themselves, how to speak in front of a group, how to discuss a product or a business topic and how to write and deliver a business presentation.

Students will also learn how different kinds of businesses are organised and run. This class is highly recommended for anyone who wants to use English for their job or study for a business diploma/degree in the future.

Offshore pretests are available for you. The exam fee in 2020 is NZ$350.

Professional English

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This course is for students aged: 18-100

Location Type: Town/City

Weekly Hours: Relaxed 10-15 hrs/wk

Levels: Upper Intermediate, Advanced

Class Sizes: One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students

Aviation English

We offer special classes or options for individuals or groups needing aviation English training.

English for aviation.

English for flight attendants.

English for air traffic controllers

English for pilots

Here at Worldwide we have provided classes for students from; Poland, Saudi Arabia, New Caledonia, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and France for students who require to learn the specific Aviation English.



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