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About Universpain

Are you looking for a Spanish school? and you don’t know which one to choose. Please, let me introduce you mine. It is a medium size school, six wide classrooms and all well equipped with audiovisual equipment; a library with a good number of books of any kind, and comics that you could borrow. You can use our free WI-FI (available in the whole school). And get a drink or a snack from our bending machine and relax after the lessons.
Of course you can attend and participate to any of our extra-curricular activities.
The most important things about the school are the ones you can feel, and we are proud of them. The first one is the personal care at the school from the very first moment, which will make you feel comfortable. We know it is essential for you while abroad. The second one are the courses you can attend at DICE Salamanca.


General Spanish

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

The standard course at DICE Salamanca is a general Spanish course.

20 lessons per week, 2 grammar and 2 conversational lessons per day*
*In the event that there would be just one student in class, the course will turn to private lessons and halved the number of them.

It is consists of four daily lessons. These are divided into two set, each set takes one hour and forty five minutes. This structures is been made in order to obtain a better performance.

The first set of lessons is dedicated to grammar. Together with your teachers, you will get the grammar basics that you need to reach your speaking and writing skills in order to use the language correctly. The grammar explanations imply different tasks that will help you to settle the new learnt knowledge. This will allow you to reach the desired goals proposed by the European framework of reference for languages in each of its defined levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).

At DICE Salamanca, we are aware that speaking a language is not just about learning grammar. Therefore, you will also attend the second set of lessons, conversation. There you will use what you have learnt in grammar. You will have to speak to Spanish people and will have real conversations in Spanish. This is because at least one day per week the conversation lesson will be outside the classroom. In these lessons, you will be immersed in the real Spanish daily live. You will have to take action and speak. Thus, you will see your improvements and you will increase your confidence before real situations in any Spanish speaking country.

The standard course allows you to enjoy seventeen and a half real hours of class per week. During the breaks (two and a half hours), you will also be able to create the ideal scenario to practice. Take this chance! And speak to your classmates, school staff or waiters from the coffee shops around the school. Always in Spanish!

Spanish Exam Preparation

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Levels: Advanced, Intermediate, Basic

The main goal of this course is to get the students ready to sit the DELE (diploma de español como lengua extranjera) exam. The course is divided into two grammar lessons, two conversational lessons and one extra lesson to prepare the exam. You can choose between 2 and 4 weeks course. These DELE lessons will allow you overcome any difficulty before the exam, acquiring precise linguistic skills.

The lesson are taught following the different issues of the exam, structure, task instructions, time allowed for every part of the exam, etc. One of the most important goals of this course is to be aware and practice the same exam model you will find, therefore, all the tasks you would be doing during the course are design following the official exam model. Along the course you would be working with texts and exams of past calls, together with specific books and course materials. The exam fees are not included in the course price. Please remember that the usual calls for the DELE exams are in May, August and November.

Spanish Teacher Training

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Levels: Advanced, Intermediate

Location Type: Town/City

DICE offers training course for Spanish teachers with the desire that all professionals teaching Spanish may acquire new language and teaching skills that they could apply in their classrooms.

For this reason, the course will provide them with sufficient knowledge in methods, use of the latest technologies in the teaching of the language and improvement of the principal grammatical and linguistic concepts.

The Teaching of Spanish course is divided into two parts, one for theory and practice. The methodology used can not be the same as that used for the language courses since students will attend this course already well aware of the Spanish language, so the lectures will not rely on explanations on how to use certain grammatical or lexical, but guidance and possibilities to explain these grammatical or lexical items that they can apply in their classes ELE units.



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