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Arkansas State University English Learning Academy

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About Arkansas State University English Learning Academy

Founded in 1909, Arkansas State University provides affordable, quality education to 14,000 students from 46 states and 65 countries. This Northeast Arkansas city of 72,210 enjoys a temperate climate with year-round outdoor recreation. ASU-J champions international education and welcomes students from every country. Students select from over 150 undergraduate or 75 graduate fields. ASU-J offers associate through doctoral degrees accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Exceptional multinational faculty advise and teach classes averaging 21 students with a student-faculty ratio of 19:1. The campus is beautiful, safe and convenient. Housing includes residence halls, apartments and family units. The Student Union holds an auditorium, a food court and houses various student service units. There are over 200 student organizations that encourage leadership and service. Athletics include intramural and NCAA sports. The university hosts frequent theatrical and cultural events. Career Services helps locate on-campus student jobs and employment after graduation. The International Student Services office supports international students, making the U.S. experience productive and enjoyable. Services include orientation, counselling, social events and immigration advising.

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General English

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Location Type: Town/City

Levels: Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

Class Sizes: Large, 11-20 students, Medium, 6-10 students, One-to-One, Small, 2-5 students

Our center will give you the English language skills necessary for academic and social success. You will quickly master English through expert classroom instruction and through exciting programs and activities offered by ELA.

As an ELA student, you will have free and unlimited access to all University services and facilities with your paid enrollment. This includes recreational facilities, student health facilities, the library, e-mail, computer access, student organizations and clubs, and more!

Additionally, as an ELA student, you will not need to submit any test scores such as TOEFL or IELTS to start our academic programs at A-State when you successfully complete our ESL program!

The program includes:

A 6 level, comprehensive program: Zero, Beginner, & Advanced.
Intensive program: classes meet 5 days per week.
Interactive and dynamic courses that prepare students for the academic needs of college: listening skills, note-taking skills, giving presentations, etc.
Content-based courses taught by instructors who are experts in teaching ESL.
Student-centered instruction: group work, pair work, and whole class discussion.
Low student/teacher ratio: no more than 15 students to 1 teacher with an average ratio of 11 to 1.
In addition to classroom training, students also receive:

Conversation partners, tutoring, and special ESL student organizations.
Extra-curricular activities for students.
Free and unlimited access to all ASU facilities and services.
Participation in academic classes while enrolled in ESL (requires approval in advance).
On campus housing facilities with American roommates.

Our program consists of five levels plus two (2) Foundation levels for students with little or no English experience:

Foundation 1 - Low Beginner
Foundation 2 - Beginner
Level 1 - High Beginner
Level 2 - Low Intermediate
Level 3 - Intermediate
Level 4 - High Intermediate
Level 5 - Advanced
Each level focuses on the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as pronunciation, and grammar. Each course in these levels integrates two or more of these skills.

The courses in our program are:

Foundation: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, Structure/Grammar, Elective
Level 1: Oral Communication, Reading, Reading/Writing, Structure/Grammar, Elective
Level 2: Oral Communication, Reading, Reading/Writing, Structure/Grammar, Elective
Level 3: Oral Communication, Listening/Reading/Note Taking, Reading/Writing/Study Skills, Structure/Grammar, Elective
Level 4: Oral Communication, Listening/Reading/Note Taking, Reading/Writing/Study Skills, Structure/Grammar, Elective
Level 5: Oral Communication, Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Structure/Grammar, Elective

Classroom instruction, out of class assignments and extracurricular activities are reinforced, augmented, and provided additional practice through students’ use of our state of the art computer assisted language lab. The English Language Lab is anchored by two substantial educational software programs: Rosetta Stone and Tell Me More by Auralog. These two programs provide language learning instruction and support in reading, writing, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Additionally, all media related items from the ESL program, such as CD’s and DVD’s, that accompany student textbooks are available for use in the English Language Lab. A wide variety of approved language learning websites and web based activities are also accessible in the lab. Students are required to attend the English Language Lab in the completion of specialized assignments for a minimum of three (3) of individual study in addition to two (2) hours per week of instructor lead study for a total of five (5) hours per week.

TICE uses the Michigan English Placement Test (EPT) to place students. The placement test includes the following sections:

Reading Comprehension
Written essay
The test is multiple-choice except for the writing section. In the writing section, you will choose from two topics to write an essay. After completing the written exam and essay, your scores will be reviewed. You will be placed in the appropriate level based on your performance. The test lasts about two hours.



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